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Girly opinions needed. :) Bangs/no bangs?

13 years ago
27 posts
I just got a new job at a pretty popular bar/grill in Chicago. I'm running into quite a few issues as I have several body mods - pierced labret/tattoos/stretched ear lobes. Also... the dreads.

The owner is a pretty conservative fellow, and I NEED this job to make rent next month, so I can't afford to be picky here. I'm already compromising by having to retire the labret piercing (they won't let me wear the clear retainer because you can still see it.) and I have to keep my tattoos covered at all times.

The owner isn't really sold on the dreads, but he said I can keep them as long as I always have them pulled back and neat. So here's my train of thought - what do you chickas think about bangs with dreads? I was thinking that if I just keep my dreads pulled back, wear a headband along the rootline and have undreaded bangs it would look a lot less dready, yeah?

Another thing I'm taking into consideration are my ear lobes. They're at 0g right now, which certainly isn't big, but it is definitely noticeable. We're only allowed to wear "small studs" in our ears. So, my initial reaction was to get some of these:

But you can definitely still tell there's something different about your ear lobes when you wear them, and since I have to put my hair back, there's really no way of hiding it. Again, bangs with a little bit of the hair in front of my ears combed out seems like this would be a good option. Also, those silicone flesh toned hiders can be pierced through with a regular stud earring, so it looks like you have just normally pierced ears.

The whole thing makes me kind of upset and makes me feel like everywhere I go, someone is trying to "normalize" me. I really don't like bangs, but they seem to be a good option right now given the circumstances.

Do any of you here have bangs? I'm really hesitant to cut them into my hair, but I also really don't want to let my lobes shrink back down. It's taken me almost a whole year to get them where they are now, and I either have to retire them or hide them really well. :(

Damn you, conservative culture!

PS - Sorry that was super long/rant-y. Just looking for comfort/reassurance/opinions and suggestions.
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13 years ago
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I have bangs and I love them. Like you said, bangs do help to make them look alittle more tidy and I think when the dreads are pulled back they really look nice.
13 years ago
849 posts
sorry you have to go through all this but sometimes ya gotta do what ya gotta do!As far as the bangs go I would say it's up to you. They can go a long way when paired with dreads to give different styling options. I look like a turd with bangs but I've seen some dready girls that look super cute sporting them. When I need to look "respectable" i put my locks in a bun and then put one of the knit dread bands from etsy seller: scarletterosefairy (in the pic) So for you the bangs might be a good compromise.

UGH I have my lobes stretched to 11/16 right now and I would not let them shrink back down for anything!! So the plugs you found seem fine to hide them if need be. I usually wear some type of stone carved into a plug, i have amazonite I've also had amethyst from here- and nobody ever notices that they aren't just regular earrings. I wore my steel tunnels one day and everybody was all surprised! lol! Good luck I hope everything works out for you!!

Mia Elizabeth
13 years ago
45 posts

hey girl!

I know you gotta pay rent but i suggest finding a place to work where you can be yourself and not worry about pleasing others. because eventually you are gunna drive yourself nuts.

Peace & love,


Amy Lee
13 years ago
31 posts

Go with your gut, if instinctually you dont like the idea of a fringe/'bangs' (never understood why they are referred to as that - BANGS, funny to me, anyhow......) dont cut them in because 99% likelyhood you will regret it. Pull dreads into a neat bun and cover your roots/hairline in a black headband. Put on a little mineral make-up powder and manicure/paint your nails - temporary things that will make you look more polished and mainstream while you are 'on the clock' that you can wash off/remove when you get home and just be happy being you again.

Hope it all works out for you x

(Just realised this thread is 3 months old, oh well. What did you end up deciding then?)

13 years ago
38 posts
I think bangs are cute on some people. I just cant believe a bar and grill would be so strict on the dress code.
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