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is it okay to wet my free form dreads every morning?

4 years ago
13 posts

i usually wake up in the morning with my hair being really flat in the back of my head and on the sides. i was wondering if i could use a spray bottle to wet my hair in the morning and shake it and if it would affect my hair from dreading in any way? thanks 

updated by @dolandrandom: 08/20/20 11:12:44PM
4 years ago
16 posts
I don't really have a for sure answer for you, but I am in the same boat. My hair is so straight and it flattens -.-
I have done the spray bottle thing a handful of times but then I started wondering if actually rinsing would be better.
I guess we will see what the others say. What month are you in?

4 years ago
233 posts
I use a spray bottle with EO usually once a day, it doesn’t take the place of a shower but it’s refreshing!
4 years ago
12 posts

The past couple of days, in the morning i spritz my hair with a sea salt spray. Its not soaking my hair. 

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