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Dread shampoos for sale/swap - Maylees and Lockin Up Dread Shampoo plus Lock Magic Locking Gel

Jennifer Rose
6 years ago
59 posts

Ok I did not make these but they ARE handmade so hoped it would be ok to post them here??? I went a little shampoo crazy and bought a ton of shampoos.... and the scents don't agree with me so I'd like to get rid of these and get something i can use. I'd really love to swap for tams/wraps/beads, or a dread shampoo bars I KNOW I like - either in Nag Champa or Maylees Dread shampoo bar in Hippie Mama (which alas she doesn't make anymore but I used to love) IF no one has anything to swap then I'll sell for cheap - way less than I paid - prices below. I have:

nearly full Lockin Up shampoo in Dragon's Blood - paid $15 asking $10

Lock Magic Locking Gel inKarma (Patchouli orange scent, which normally I'd love but its a bit strong for me) paid $12 asking $7

Maylee's Garden Dreadlock Shampoo bar in Karma I have two of these, opened to smell but never wet or used - paid $5/each, asking $7 for both



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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
6 years ago
28,192 posts

i literaly have like 20 or more of the dreadlockshampoo bars and get sent more quit often so im set for life lol but im sure theres several ppl who will want em umm.. i firget..are u in england?

if your in eurpoe and can ship there cheap i know you will easily sell em all

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Jennifer Rose
6 years ago
59 posts

nah not in europe but would ship there... no issues with that. I'm in PA actually. I'm actually getting past the point where I need the liquid shampoo anyway - hairs getting pretty tight and I just love shampoo bars :)

Dee Dee
6 years ago
51 posts
Im on a budget and would like to see what kind of payment option we could set up, really been wanting to try these products but this would be an awesome deal I think!
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