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dreadlocks shampoo
Jennifer Rose


Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Zipcode: 15214
Country: US

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Jordan Flagstad
05/21/11 03:27:57PM @jordan-flagstad:
I used your wax removal last night and loved it. I washed twice and could definitely feel wax coming out. I'm gonna follow up in a few days with another wash. It feels like some of my dreads fattened up and they're a little fuzzier which makes me smile cuz I know it's working. Thank you very much.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
11/15/10 04:09:13PM @soaring-eagle: i know u 2 still recomend all dreads be crocheted at least once and u didnt believe there was a 6 month recovery period well there isnt its actualy well over a year

09/21/10 10:19:40PM @chick-pea:
Hi there, me again. Just wanted to let you know that my shampoo arrived yesterday : ) I used it after a baking soda soak as that generally brings some wax to the surface. So far so good - no stickiness and they feel softer and lighter. Thanks heaps : )

09/07/10 01:19:55AM @chick-pea:
Thanks so much darl, must be cool to be able to give the post man your mail, we always have to go the PO in Australia (how lazy am I? haha) I'm sorry to hear you and your babies haven't been well, hope your all on the road to recovery : ) I'm not sure how much I paid for shipping, did I pay enough? Don't worry about it being $12, everything in Aus that is a hand made, natural product usually comes with a heafty price tag, so it's actually cheaper to get it sent from the US - go figure! Thanks for going to all that trouble for me - I really appreciate it. : D

09/06/10 05:35:45AM @chick-pea:
Thank you for the friendship : D Am looking forward to trying your shampoo - I did a baking soda wash the other day and it brought a lot of wax to the surface, icky : )

08/29/10 01:26:12AM @chick-pea:
Hi there : ) I'm just about to order your dread wax removal shampoo - saw your you tube vid and am very excited to give this a whirl. Will let you know how things go. Thanks hun

Amazing Grace
08/24/10 11:09:18AM @amazing-grace:
Hey sister....SE mentioned to me you were trying to figure out a solution for mold. I'm in the middle of an on going battle with it. I've tried rubbing alchol, lots of white vinegar, peroxide an gone swimming hoping that the chlorine would help.have you found anything out yet? I dont want to cut my dreads since i've had them for almost 4 years an im way inpatient to grow more lol..... but i mean...if i cant get rid of it i will.

08/23/10 05:07:10PM @mzelaineous:
can't wait to see pics of the fourth wax free set :)

08/19/10 02:17:11PM @sillywalkingminister:
hahahhahahahhahahaoh i luv ya jennifer...even though i had no idea it was her...while replying i swear i was thinkin "oh gawd another betsy" hahah:XD

Naja Sage
08/14/10 06:13:21PM @naja-sage:
Greetings ----interested in your products-- keep up the good work

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