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dreadlocks methods and dreads maintenance info

dreadlocks methods and dreads maintenance

understanding dreadlocks:

dreads , or dreadlocks are your hairs mostnatural state. all hair has a natural tendency to want to return toits natural state, which means it wants to dread!

when you stop preventing dreadlocks the hair will startto separate into sections naturally, then begin to get tangled andmessy (as some will see it) this is your hairs natural dreadingtendency beginning to take shape. as you go about living your lifeyour in constant motion, its this motion that causes the knots thatbecome the foundation of your baby dreads .

when your day is done you sleep, sleeping, as well as wearinghats and tams compress the hair and the knots in the hairtightening them making the looser knots into tighter dreads. theseearly dreadlocks will get loopy and lumpy as they form because thehair is moving in every direction tightening up in areas whileothers remain loose to allow other hairs to slip into the loops andform knots on top of knots. further time and compression pullsthese loops in and tighten them to form surface texture. this iscompletely normal and gives the dreads unique personality


dreading methods

  • natural aka neglect, freeform, or organic: natural dreads are as ancient asman, they have been around since the beginning of time, dreadlocksgrown naturally are allowed to happen all by themselves, withminimal, or no interference or assistance by the wearer. the dreadsform through just living life and are not created by any methods.if they are maintained its minimal maintenance in an attempt topreserve the natural organic nature of the dreading experience
  • twistand rip : this is the next best thing to natural dreads in nonafrican hair textures (for african see twists) twist and rip is lowdamage, easy to do, quick, and effective. it also looks best fromthe start
  • twists forafrican hair: there are many types of twists, single 2 strand 3strand comb twists gel twists just to name a few. there's not awhole lot of difference in the end results, just in how they lookearly on. often people who start with twists make the mistake oftwisting as a dread maintenance as well and causing weakeneddreadlocks.
  • backcombing :this has been a popular although not very effective method ofmaking dreadlocks, it is fairly damaging, tends to unravel easilyand looks goofy for weeks.
  • crocheting dreadlocks: this is a new trend that's wreaking havoc on the dreadworld, because some sites push the importance of tidy neat"perfect" dreads with no loose hairs or lumps allot of people turnto crochet to neaten up their dreads at the cost of severe damageand high maintenance requirements.
  • other methods: there are many more methods which you canexplore in our methods page or methods forums section.

dreadlocks maintenance

  • recommended:
    • washing :washing your locs is important to dreading new locks dread bestwhen clean and free of residues like wax and oils
    • separating :if you don't want your dreads growing together you should separateby ripping or popping them often.
  • optional: dreadlocks are an amazing choice but are not simply a hairstyledreads are a lifestyle choice, they affect more then just yourlooks.

    explore the whole world of dreadlocks site

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