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dreadlocks shampoo
Donovan Sky Morales


Location: San Luis Obispo CA
Country: US

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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
01/18/12 04:29:13AM @soaring-eagle:

Ryan Thomas Babin
09/09/12 02:53:09PM @jeff-mitchell:
Hey girly how you been your dreads are looking awesome how old are they now

Johnnie Elizabeth
02/01/12 11:09:40PM @lupe-espinoza:

hey girlie! i've been under the weather lately and haven't gotten to the post office yet to ship out your bead. i promise i'll have it in the mail by friday. sorry.


Johnnie Elizabeth
01/21/12 10:40:40PM @lupe-espinoza:

hey shanxon! yes, they're all still available. just tell me which one you want and i'll send it out next week. a present for you, lovely lady! :)

Ryan Thomas Babin
01/20/12 03:31:33AM @jeff-mitchell:

Heyyyyyyyyyyy my dreaded sista Im soooooo sorry I didnt reply sooner I just seen ur comment now :/ but as far as our move goes i love it were happy here we got a place i took my old dreads out but have new ones that will be staying haha aww im happy the bead found a forever home my daughter just made me one the other day its blue with clouds ill be putting it in soon :) how are u and the lil ones oh and ur hubby all great i hope ur dreads are looking beautiful im so jealous

Spider Feet
12/23/11 11:44:42AM @spider-feet:


knotted by knature
12/13/11 06:11:17PM @knotted-by-knature:

I would love that pattern as well! Is it a drawstring design??

Dreaded Friend
12/13/11 04:11:54PM @dreaded-friend:

I've been trying to do an inbox to you and send a pattern 4 a real basic tube like slouch beany, it must of been more than 5000 letters, ive asked 4 help to get your address into my inbox page then i'll beable 2 get back with some real goodies. (patterns).


Dreaded Friend
12/12/11 05:11:17PM @dreaded-friend:

If you want help with the crochet hat pattern i can realy help, sounds like you need to keep crocheting the same number of stitches u casted on ALL the way 2 the end then do last 2 rows every 2nd stitch, thread yarn through last row and pull until all tight, get back 2 me & i'll tell u better.


Johnnie Elizabeth
11/24/11 04:05:55AM @lupe-espinoza:

thanks, shanxon. unfortunately my pics don't show all the unknotted hair i still have. i'm just beyond frustrated.

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