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dreadlocks shampoo
knotted by knature


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Justin Gibson
08/20/10 12:20:44PM @justin-gibson:
ha you know nothing... sad

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
08/19/10 02:22:22PM @soaring-eagle:
dude your dreads are a year tell me how wonderful dhhq is when they are 3 years and already cut offdhhq preys on clueless newbies like you a willing victim is still a victim

Al NatureBoy Hand
08/26/12 04:17:59PM @al-natureboy-hand:
Those dreads suits u mwah

jordan scott
12/05/11 04:06:38AM @jordan-scott:

thanks for the add :D good luck with your dreads!

Tara Earnest
11/30/11 11:52:51AM @tara-earnest:

just got your message! Thank you very much :D

mimi mi
11/18/11 03:06:33PM @mimi-mi:

Thanks for the add man! Locks are looks lovely (: Take care. much blessings!

josette osorio
11/18/11 02:07:21PM @josette-osorio:

Will do. Thanks again

josette osorio
11/18/11 11:45:52AM @josette-osorio:

Ok, i did not know that lol. Lucky i didn't use the ACV then. So glad i found this site lol. Everyone has been so helpful. I don't think i left my hair soaking that long. SE said that i was to wait a while before doing my next wash, so i'll leave it in for 15 mins next time and see how it goes. I've just been spraying sea salt into my hair just now to try to dry it out. Thanks!

josette osorio
11/17/11 12:10:46PM @josette-osorio:

Great! Thanks. I tried the baking soda wash last night, but my hair looks greasy now, so i'm going to try it again and rinse it with the apple cider vinegar. Hope that helps. Thanks for the advice though. It's hard to get products for dreads where i live. Everything has to be ordered on line ha.

Tara Earnest
11/10/11 11:51:43AM @tara-earnest:

thanks for the friend add :D

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