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Location: Bradford, West Yorkshire
Country: GB


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Head lice... How to get rid?

By DeEman, 2011-12-17
So... I have a cat and a dog, both get anti flea treatment, and both are well looked after, But I seem to have found lice in my dreads, and I'm looking for some sensible tips and help...Thanks
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Gone Brushless.. Totally.

By DeEman, 2011-06-03

Today, i have finished off all my dreads, and i'm officially brushless, i mean, no need to use it. hehe, it will take a long time for me to get used to not having a fringe to hide behind :/


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By DeEman, 2011-05-29

Make your own Countdown Clocks

As you see this explains it all... this clock ticks from the 29th of December 2010, and thats whn the first two came along, the ones that are at the right bottom back of my head, thne the one on the right, and a row above, my dreadlocks emerged from behind me, i love them, even thought i made them weak.

As all (/most) dreadlocks have a reason for them, my ones come from family problems and high levels of stress, but that seems normal for a teen, further more, the second reason is the way a approach people, i get attached very easily to people/animals/thing, third reason; to prove my self wrong, that i have not got control over everything, and i can be wrong.

Best, Nick.

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Thining out?

By DeEman, 2011-05-29

Hey, i recantly noticed that my dreadlocks are getting thiner and longer (cos they ate growing -.- )... and i really don't want them to go thin, is there any way of making them thick again?


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