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Head lice... How to get rid?

user image 2011-12-17
By: DeEman
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So... I have a cat and a dog, both get anti flea treatment, and both are well looked after, But I seem to have found lice in my dreads, and I'm looking for some sensible tips and help...Thanks
12/22/11 07:43:45PM @deeman:
They will have their first year On the 29th... What would you recomend?

Amy Lee2
12/20/11 10:01:59PM @amy-lee2:

tea tree does work wonders! it should be used in every dreadies wash mix as it is a lice deterrent.

Amy Lee2
12/20/11 08:34:46PM @amy-lee2:

and now my head itches.

Amy Lee2
12/20/11 08:33:37PM @amy-lee2:

im fairly certain head lice dont infest domestic animals, so there is no link there. and im fairly certain fleas dont infest humans, no link there either. you prob picked them up from a kid. i am very certain that lice love kid heads.
12/18/11 03:59:36AM @elkeinalaska:
Gah! Sorry about all the typos :P I was getting the stink eye for being on the web during family movie night lol
12/18/11 12:36:42AM @elkeinalaska:
Well what I know about lice is that the juveniles are see through. They are called nymphs. The eggs are called nits and they are oval shaped and attached at an angle near the scalp. The adults are brownish but you are likely to never see one. They move very fast (crawling not jumping) away from light sources. They get oxygen through their exoskeleton (shell/"skin") and that is the premise behind treatments such as mayo/olive oils etc---the hope is to smother them. Typically you kill adults and pick the nits (you have to slide the, down the hair shaft which you obviously can't do with dreads). So you will need to be extra diligent about treating and retreating often enough and long enough to get all the adults/juveniles killed, AND the nits hatched. They can't take a week to hatch so you'd need to do treatments for two weeks to get through all the life cycles/hatching. Today's lice are often resistant to pesticide products like RID which are highly toxic to humans anyhow. If you choose any of the oil type treatments you have to slather and saturate. It can't be just a little, the lice have to basically drown in it. Plastic wrap/shower cap will be your friend. Don't forget you have to simultaneously treat all soft bedding/clothing and vacuum thoroughly. Every day you treat yourself. What I've heard if people doing is washing it all and then bagging up stuff and just leaving out the bare essentials to decrease the amount of rewashing etc over the course of eradication.Also tea tree oil sprays and such are good to add to the course of treatment but once you have an infestation it won't cause them to leave-it's better as a preventative.I'm not 100% sure about this but I think the henna treatments kill nits as well. I'd email the woman at she's an expert on henna and got her phd I believe on the study of henna.These are exerpts from her page and other links you might find handy. Prepare henna to eradicate headlice, dandruff, or ringworm the way you normally prepare henna. Here are your instructions: .For difficult infestations, add 25g of artemisia or fenugreek per 100g of henna.Use ONLY laboratory certified pure body art quality henna (high dye content, with no impurities or adulterants). Compound henna, chemical henna, and adulterated henna will be ineffective and may harm your hair.Henna will kill head lice!Henna combined with Fenugreek will kill head lice in resistant infestations. Henna combined with Artemisia will completely eradicate head lice, even in severe infestations.M. El-Basheir and Mahmoud A. H. Fouad (2002) A Preliminary Pilot survey on Head Lice, Pediculosis in Sharkia Governate and Treatment of Lice with Natural Plant Extracts. Journal of the Egyptian Society of Parasitology, Vol 32, No 3, December 2002, Zeinab Good luck!

12/17/11 08:12:35PM @deeman:
Well you see I'm not sure what it is... All I can say it that when I'm warm, the lot of my head itches like mad, and the bugs are see throug, and just smaller than a grain of rice...
12/17/11 07:21:41PM @elkeinalaska:
Did you find fleas or lice? They're 2 totally different creatures. And did you find an actual critter or nits?

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