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dreadlocks shampoo


Location: Missouri City, TX
Zipcode: 77459
Country: US


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By Crystal3, 2013-03-25
I was wondering about the shampoos. I am going to purchase liquid shampoo from the website, but I can't remember what kind and what essential oils that are included are good for my hair. I have wavy, thick, kinda dry hair. I develop dandruff fairly easily. Can anyone direct me as to which shampoo I should purchase.
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By Crystal3, 2013-03-15
So, I must say, I am loving my natural locks. I started with rubber bands just to section off, my hair is so thick and corse that it has dreaded pretty well in about 3 months. The months have flown by. It is turning out beautifully but I am curious if the loops will go away on their own and round out over time. If not, I am not stressing, it makes them beautiful. Also, I have one in the back that I separated but I've decided to join it back. It does not seem to be combining yet, it just looks like a big hair ball. Any tips for getting them to combine?
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By Crystal3, 2013-03-06
I am soo excited, I just ordered my first items from the website. I have heard such good things about the products that I decided to see what all the fuss is about lol. It is a bit pricy, but good quality work is not cheap and cheap work is not good quality. So hopefully my experience is just as good as what I have heard and I can keep my locks healthy and pretty :)
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