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dreadlocks shampoo


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user image 2013-03-25
By: Crystal3
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I was wondering about the shampoos. I am going to purchase liquid shampoo from the website, but I can't remember what kind and what essential oils that are included are good for my hair. I have wavy, thick, kinda dry hair. I develop dandruff fairly easily. Can anyone direct me as to which shampoo I should purchase.
Diego F.
03/25/13 01:59:12PM @diego-f:

buy the locking up liquid shampoo.. it cleans your hair... for me it worked better than bs/acv.

03/25/13 11:46:54AM @crystal3:
Thanks ;) is that a shampoo option? I already use the essential oils, I purchased them at whole foods.

03/25/13 11:42:19AM @crystal3:
I forgot to add that I have been dreading for about 3.5 months

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