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user image 2013-03-06
By: Crystal3
Posted in:
I am soo excited, I just ordered my first items from the website. I have heard such good things about the products that I decided to see what all the fuss is about lol. It is a bit pricy, but good quality work is not cheap and cheap work is not good quality. So hopefully my experience is just as good as what I have heard and I can keep my locks healthy and pretty :)
03/07/13 03:03:47PM @sarah6:
Well worth the money, I've got Nag Champa anda sample of Dragons Blood, I love them both :)

Diego F.
03/07/13 02:45:49PM @diego-f:

the products are pricey but hope that they will last long. I paid equivalent a $133 for only 3 bars and 1 locking up liquid shampoo dragons blood

03/06/13 09:35:45PM @crystal3:
How do I upload pics for my profile? I see you have quite a few

03/06/13 09:35:16PM @crystal3:
Kooh, I will definately keep you updated on the gel. I just uploaded a couple pics on the pics section. I am the white girl with the wavy locks :P if that is helpful lol

03/06/13 09:21:36PM @crystal3:
Thanks, I can't wait, I figure with the phase that they are at now, I will probably only need the gel for a few applications then the sea salt should work wonders

03/06/13 09:11:42PM @crystal3:
Ok, I lied lol, it was the spray and the locking gel ;) I just checked my order. But I think I will stick with the baking soda, acv and essential oils for cleanliness. I have quite enjoyed them so far and the first time I used that method my hair was squeaky clean

03/06/13 09:07:09PM @crystal3:
I bought the sea salt spray that you recommended :) and a liquid shampoo, I believe odorless.

03/06/13 08:50:37PM @crystal3:
That's a bit scary lol, I don't want to be spending so much money that I can't maintane. Do the products last a while?

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
03/06/13 08:43:10PM @soaring-eagle:

u will never want to use anything else ever again

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