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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
08/09/10 11:49:26PM @soaring-eagle:
i hope your not wasting money on that thoughdreads are an amazing journey that will teach u so much but you cant learn that friom anything syntheticinstead u should just start the natural process as u dread naturaly u gain the confidence and strength u needand u grow as a person

08/09/10 11:45:17PM @opaulao:
Welcome to the site :D

08/09/10 11:33:04PM @beesaav:
heyy =] welcome! i hope you do decide you can take on the 'challenge"its a really awesome experience

Nadya Papusa
02/07/12 02:12:21PM @ashley6:

Yup! I am sad but life goes on!!

01/22/12 08:02:57PM @lasersnshit:

yea i didem myself.

josette osorio
01/22/12 11:01:43AM @josette-osorio:

Hey there! Thanks for the add

Nadya Papusa
01/18/12 12:28:09AM @ashley6:

Hey buddy :)

Rob Parker
12/30/11 09:34:20PM @rob-parker:

I wish we lived in a country where weed was legal. but we dont. even with your medical card its still illegal on a FEDERAL level. i know people that have been growing in cali for more years than they would care to admit. and after cali gave out medical cards they were within the legal limits for their county's they have still been raided by the feds, more than once. all their equipment and weed was taken and their livelihood fucked with. Ive also been to Amsterdam many times and it is the only place where i consider weed "legal" but even there you will get fucked if you smoke in a public area.

Tara Earnest
12/30/11 11:51:59AM @tara-earnest:
thanks for the friending :) my bad i thought we had already went through this request thing lol

12/11/11 02:51:48PM @alfy:

Thanks you! Your dreads are coming on well too.

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