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dreadlocks shampoo


Location: Ventura California
Country: US


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first day of school. i wish i had a real camera!
i just like it.
Woffers likes giving me kisses
my nose is perfect for squishing
loving my new shirt!
wow, the beginning of month two!
get away from eachother!
messy bathroom
2 weeks and 2 days tnr
I won him at six flags the day before i got my dreads
oh hai


08/24/10 12:39:26AM @jammmeeesss:
no worries, I don't pc4pc(: (sooo myspace) lol.your very bold missy, thats legit.oii, and I reckin your sidekicks is tottally 10039583x better then my metro phone XD

Vaughn Maurice Gaines II
08/23/10 06:35:04PM @vaughn-maurice-gaines-ii:
Very beautiful picture there is nothing wrong with no clothes, I love to be that way as much as possible especially outside with the sun. Keep doing ya thangMuch Blessings

Moneybags McGuilicutty
08/10/10 01:16:56AM @moneybags-mcguilicutty:
ya i know where that's at, no where near where I go every time, I usually head to San Diego most of the time when I head to Cali, but if I go into the LA area im usually around Santa Monica and the Hollywood area, that's my area in LA, but San Diego is usually my place, but that's legit, it must be nice out their, really not in the huge city, but next to the beach

Moneybags McGuilicutty
08/10/10 01:04:54AM @moneybags-mcguilicutty:
lolfor some other day tho, im bout to hit the sack, it's 11 here, and im assuming 10 there in cali... but for sure, what part of cali are you in tho?

Moneybags McGuilicutty
08/10/10 12:21:33AM @moneybags-mcguilicutty:
i hear you have a little bit of an issue with the palm rolling lol, better whoop some monkey ass lol

Moneybags McGuilicutty
08/10/10 12:21:00AM @moneybags-mcguilicutty:
ya im super stoked, im getting my shampoo bar this week, and just going ahead and start the natural process, i am ready for the adventure lol, how's everything coming along with you?

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
07/25/10 11:52:50PM @soaring-eagle:
ill add u on yahoo

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
07/25/10 11:52:38PM @soaring-eagle:
backcombing is nebvrer how it should look backcombng makes u look like a(and palm rollings rtotaly useless except as excersize) better to go natural or twist and rip a comb is an anti dreadlets see what u got so far

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
07/25/10 11:39:08PM @soaring-eagle:
welcome sisterso how are u starting?lets talkglad u are herenamaste

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
10/16/11 11:40:30AM @soaring-eagle:

welcome your hair looks like it will dread great but if u used wax even just a couple times your gonna want to take some effor t to remove it

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