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josette osorio


Location: Haverhill, MA
Zipcode: 01830
Country: US


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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
08/25/10 11:42:51AM @soaring-eagle:
welcome brother glad u joined usnamaste

Ellese Casteel
06/12/12 01:50:22PM @ellese-casteel:

there is every think you can ask for down there really! and the night life is sooooo good! really there is so much to do down there it just depends what ya looking for really? and the beach really is amazing and it is always worm thats why i love the sea down there!

Ellese Casteel
06/10/12 01:29:05PM @ellese-casteel:

hahaha how funny i forgot your friend don't like the sea! well i hope you have a great time on your holiday!-) i sure you will!!!

hahaha i'm sure i will have a great time down newquay i do love it down there such nice people it feel like home! lol

Ellese Casteel
06/09/12 09:31:12AM @ellese-casteel:

wicked sounds lick ya getting the bug again! lol yea you'll have to get a pick up! me i have no plans this year at the mo but i will do something fun just need to get some money together then i might go down cornwall do some surfing its been far two long! lol what about you got any plans?

Ellese Casteel
06/06/12 06:50:20AM @ellese-casteel:
Sorry it's taken so long to reply! Life is all about pushing the boat out! How did the dream catcher tattoo go? I've hade some more out like work done on my left arm this Saturday gone so I guess I tad more filling in this weekend! Lol but to answer your question I think I will have most of my body covered in the end! Lol

05/14/12 10:55:29AM @marnie:

Thanks Val much respect hun

Ellese Casteel
05/10/12 04:09:47PM @ellese-casteel:

sorry not been on here for time! its funny you say about the dream catcher tattoos i see a guy today and he had two one on both cheeks and i do mean face he was a nice guy a pikey but a nice one! hahaha if i'm honest i don't think i will ever stop getting tattooed well i mean i wont do my face and i don't want any more on my hand but the rest is fair game in my eyes! haha have you had your done yet?

Ellese Casteel
04/30/12 01:14:33PM @ellese-casteel:

haha yes there nothing but a pain sometimes! so ya jumping back in to tattoos then! i dream catcher sounds cool i have seen some online! so when do ya think you'll go? i'm still going every week i've sleeved one arm and i'm now half way up the other i've found and guy that does loads of mythical creatures he's is called brian froud i love his art its beautiful you should look him up might give you some ideas!

Ellese Casteel
04/25/12 01:48:13PM @ellese-casteel:

the gig can be when i want really just need my mate to sort his life out and pay me the money he owes me! he is being a long boi and getting under my skin! lol im keeping well just trying to save money but i keep spending it on tattoos lol! how about you got any new tattoos?

Ellese Casteel
04/14/12 02:43:16PM @ellese-casteel:
My dreads are very well! I'm up to 55dreads now and going strong! I have been thinking about doing that gig but I'm trying to get hold of my mate at the mo to sort it out! But he owes me dollar so I've not seen him in time. How have you been house going well?

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