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Made me think twice! I feel sick

user image 2012-07-19
By: christina popejoy
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Okay so since I started dreading I have been thinking alot about my impact on the planet and the way I conduct myself, my ethics are being challenged and im glad.

I have been vegetarian before quite a few years ago. And without too long I became anaemic. I dont know if this was due to just eating vegetables. I mean I was the only one in my household that made this choice and I would usually just have more veg to make up for not having meat. But my mom and I didnt really have a clue. She was supportive but we just didnt do our homework.

I have been careful to buy free range eggs and RSPCA Freedom food meats. But I am still saddened to find that even these animals are stunned before they are fully dispatched and mechanical sorting devices can still be used to move animals through the process. To be honest it makes me feel pretty sick and I dont quite understand how that comes under the 'Humane slaughter' braket. I mean the conditions seem very strict and clear but it is still a killing factory.

I definatley am thinking of trying to eat the vegetarian way for now. And I will be looking at this time as meat fasting! Where I can search my soul and pray about this. Does this keep in line with God' plan and the stewardship we we're given over the earth and the animals. To protect it and care and love for it???hurrrrm a ton to think about! I still dont know how I feel about slaughter done by a farmer on small local organic farm we have many here in England. Something still to ponder!

But for now after watching the From farm to Fridge documentary on You tube I amdefinitelyput off.


christina popejoy
09/10/12 06:17:48PM @christina-popejoy:

hi sweet and Baba thanks for your comment, yea i have been taking natural suppliment this time its a iron formula with vit c addded to help arbsotion. And I feel alot better this time round its been over two months this time round. Also I have still been eating fish mainly salmon. ( for some reason I feel different about eating fish) I have thought about going to a local farmer who sells his own meat from his farm and possibly eating meat once a month, but I do really like having a mainly veg diet. I only have fish 1 day max some times no fish for a couple of weeks.

09/10/12 05:26:45PM @sweet:

Hope i'm not missing the point here, but why not be a vegetarian and just take supplements like Clements with iron etc. I'm so the same as you and being O+ blood I have to have meat but really don't want to.If you could borrow a blood type book, the encyclopedic 1 really explains why some of us have to have meat, we were once all the same blood type.

Baba Fats
07/21/12 04:50:10PM @baba-fats:

I didn't know about either of these for years after I became a veg. I knew about Fatty acids, but not about all of their importants. If you don't get them in your diet, you will have severly decreased brain function and activity. I still don't get them as often as should, but it's important to know about and get into your diet as much as possible

07/21/12 03:40:19PM @totheankles:
Then eat animals that are not a product of the industry. Wild Salmon might not be 100% humanely "slaughtered" but atleast it's not a conveyerbelt of blood. Being a vegetarian without B12 supplementation is going to kill you, being a vegetarian without EPA/DHA supplementation is going to kill you. Slowly.

Baba Fats
07/20/12 10:40:51AM @baba-fats:

If it makes you feel any better, but might be hard to find, you could look for Kosher meats. Meats killed by Kosher methods are in no pain and completely peacful when they die. I don't believe that they are stunned first. Kosher laws are pretty hard core about how animals should be treated, what they are allowed to be fed, and everything in between.

I don't know everything about it, even though I was raised jewish. I don't practice anymore, and therefore don't know it all. but it seems to me like if I were going to eat meat, that seems like a good alternative. I have my reasons for not eating it, and what I would have to do to eat meat again. But If you were interested, I'm sure there are some jewish butcher or grocers around you

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