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Random Blabbberings- 1 month today!

By christina popejoy, 2012-05-06

Here I am reached the end of my first month! So happy, I'm not gonna lie the first few weeks we're really tough, my insecurities we're trying to eat away at me. I truly didnt realise how much of my identity I found in my image, or should I say the image I constructed. I am on the road to finding my true self again. Away from the fads, fashions and concepts of my culture. This is soooo freeing to me.

I'm begining to not be afraid to show me The Real me to the world.

Its so crazy that growing your hair different and not brushing it could bring so much change to my personality, Maybe its just because to grow dreads you need to learn to be free and learn to drop your worries and stop comparing yourself to what society says how we should act, look, conform ect.

I'm really happy I made this decsion to start this set, and this time the natural way. I can allready see a change in me and my lil hairs and its only been 1 month. Long may this jouney continue!

Thankyou all for your support and replies to my many questions


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