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By Acrid Gore, 2010-03-02
Hey, thanks for being so sweet and welcoming! you guys are awsome! Im dying my hair right now again YAY! im going for some new colours this time because ive had blue and purple hurr for a uber long time. I think im gonna do orange?? i dunno, still debating.. my hairs bleaching right now so i have some time.. hopefully i come outta this dye job without breaking any of my dreadies, i have some thin ones and the bleach is hurting my babies!!!

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By hannah bebont, 2010-03-01
and i cant help but smile, laugh, and love! the sun is poking out everyday, just to tell me it's okay! and i can't thank you enough sunshine, because you're the light of my life. literally!
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so strange,

By hannah bebont, 2010-02-25
i've almost completely lost it
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i cant believe it had to come to this...

By Boobie, 2010-02-22

so my mom got married the day before valentine's day and before the wedding she kept nagging and complaining about my hair... then basically shunns me because of the simple fact that she cant get used to my hair. so i got sick of all her drama and cut them. i have decided to grow my hair back out though because i fuckin love dreads and i cant stand having short hair. but this time im going all natural and just throwing the comb away. SE makes too many good points about how growing dreads naturally is way better any way so i cant not do it lol.

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Misconceptions on why I have dreads

By Antony, 2010-02-19
(copied from my blog:
I understand that Dreadlocks are not the most accepted thing in society (except if your black and you got them done so they look too "perfect" and even), but a lot of people take it as a signal that someone is trying to be something they're not. Like today, on a website called formspring where you can be asked questions anonymously, I was told "Dreads are for black people only". I replied with something like "I'm not black, then how did I do it? O_O". Stupid, close-minded questions get dumb answers. Because that what stereotyping is, close-minded assumptions. Hmm, what do I also get. Oh yeah. I always get the stereotype that I'm trying to be Jamaican or Rastafarian. Seriously? Do I look or dress in any way that implies that? To be honest, I look like a Metalhead more than anything even though Metal isn't the only thing I listen to. But still, would you really see a guy who isn't black claim he's Jamaican? That would be the same as me claiming I'm French by wearing a beret or trying to be a Native American by getting tattoos of their deities. It makes no sense. And here's an even worse assumption. This phrase "Yo, you look like Lil Wayne." :| Umm... thank you? I don't even like him or his music. Actually, he's kind of annoying. Is Lil Wayne that popular that he represents the mainstream existence of dreads? Hopefully someone talented like Crystal Bowersox on American Idol ( become famous enough to overshadow Lil Wayne so that there aren't any misconceptions about Dreads in the modern day. As you can see, she's a normal person you would see everyday. It's just that she has Dreads and talent. Real, hardworking talent. Not inorganic propaganda created by MTV or a record company. Dreads are a natural thing, not an attempt to be someone else.It's for everybody of all genders, races, and religions.
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"Songs of the Dead"

By Chell, 2010-02-18
I just read this amazing book by Derrick Jensen and I know everyone should read this book! It violated me right to my core, I wanted to throw it down and stomp on it, rip it apart! I read it almost non-stop in one day. It's one of those books that articulates feelings that are so hard to communicate.There are a lot of important issues he touches within the problems of this patriarchal society. Injustices done to earth and it's people and the mentality surrounding it. There is one part of the book where his lover describes perfectly the objectification of women, I identified with this immediately of course. It was more than just an identification though, it was hope that this issue can be cured. For instance when someone (especially from the opposite sex) "pays me a compliment" (that phrase in itself is questionable) I always felt uncomfortable and would say "don't do that" or "everyone is beautiful" or something along those lines. Allison, Jensen's love, helped me to form the reason why a little clearer.

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nothing to do with dreads... but just wanted some advice... Is this really weird?

By lino sanchez, 2010-02-17
So on sunday I meet this amazing girl at a giant public pillow fight and like... right now it's a HUGE clash of happiness and optimism, and feeling hurt and pessimistic. basically I kept chasing her throughout the crowd that night, well not literally CHASING her, but scoping her out.. not like a creep! just I reallyyyy wanted to meet her. she was like reallyyyy hippiesh like hugging hella people and being friendly to everyone who said hi to her, and all that. So I finally manage to go up and talk to her, she says hi and seems friendly and hippie dances her way off. damn. then later I go up to her again, we talk for maybe 12 seconds, then she hippie dances her way off. fuckk is she one of those types that you just can't hold on to?? so i see her chatting with some other guys, and more guys and yadiyada, i mean she's dancing all over the place so naturally hella guys go up to her, but no guys seem to be able to hold her talking for more than a minute or two at the most. so finally i just sit there and almost give up. then she walks by me, and is like hey! so i'm like fuckk this is my LAST CHANCE!!! so I get her to talk to me for like 40 minutes and get her to sit down with me, and things go pretty well. so she seems really intersted in me, hugs me, leans near me, and when her friend comes to tell her that shes leaving, she just kinda politely shoos her off, which was amazing, cuz i thought she would have used that as her excuse to ditch me.. so then she hears music playing somewhere and drags me with her, and i ask for her email, and she gives it to me, and give me her number to, voluntarily. turns out that this was the SAME girl i saw at the bluegrass festival and lovefest back in october! (but was too shy to talk to) so i say how crazy that is, and she smiles and says that it was meant to be. sounds like a good deal doesn't it? well there are some MAJOR things that are troubling me. First off... she's 22!!!! and I'm 17!!! I swear she looked like 18!!! I was NOT expecting her to say 22! it troubled me so much that I just didn't want to believe it. I told her I was a senior in highschool, and she still seemed interested in me. another thing that really bothers me, is that she seemed REALLLYY blazed. like she was smoking a joint, and just was spacey as heck. its not weed i have a problem with, it's just the idea that she might have only talked to me cause she was high... and didn't actually realize what she was doing.. or maybe shes just one of those really free love hippie types who will just "love" anyone... look I think thats great and have nothing against that at all, but i mean.. I really did think I was special... bottomo line... Is it weird that I want to be friends with this 22 year old??? I can't help but think that it's just really... just seems wrong.. even though i really want to be her friend.. :(
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Graduation, Work and Family

By DreadfuLocks, 2010-02-12
So I am now graduated with my associates in the arts of criminal justice (go me!) I cant even express how great it feels to have accomplished this, all the hard work is paying off. It has been difficult between work, my 9 month old son and school but It is getting easier as time goes on. I am so excited to have found this site though, I really do have to thank my friend Lesa (Dreadloc Dreadsta) for introducing me. On the note of family, my son is growing so fast it is crazy to see it day from day, OH hes getting teeth, wow that is a hard stage! My husband and I are just trying to make it as easy as we can for him, while still trying to have some room for "us". Well thank you all for your hospitality, I cant wait to get to know you all !
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How do you dry your dreads?

By Robert Miles, 2010-02-06
I'm just starting my dreads for the first time and I'm about 3 weeks in the natural process and I was just curious if there was anything special you do after your dreads get wet? should i do anything different since i'm just starting mine?
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Ohio Residents Read! Ohio Medical Compassion Act for Medical Marijuana!

By Becca, 2010-02-04
Sign, change.orgTake Action!
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