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2 Weeks - Natural set

By Panga, 2014-08-23
Well, it's around 2 weeks in to my new journey and I feel pretty in love with my first dread that formed lol. My hair has done good at separating so far. I had 2 babies form at the back of my neck and had to pull apart the larger one into three because it would have been to big. But things are moving along as I expected. I feel that having a set previously has increased my level of patience. I know the stages and how I felt before about myself. This time I feel more relaxed but it is also very very very early. I talked with my old boss (same workplace, just different department than me now) and she loved that I was letting my hair dread again. I still should let my own boss know so he's aware of it. I may be getting a promotion, so that's why I have been hesitant this last week to say anything. It's past my yearly review and I am not even supposed to know about this potential raise and title promotion. Kinda stupid to want to stay quiet about dreads because of that isn't it? Anyways, very excited to see what my head looks like in 2 more weeks!
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By Patience White, 2014-08-23

Here I am, everyone is tight for money.

I traveled out of my body last night, It's strange when you get the realization that you are not just a mindless drone, You are a being of light, your soul stretches so much further then you will ever know.
My mind and soul reached out to the edges of consciousness last night for the second time ever.
I showed my sacred circle some love in the park, and listened to good music.
I have cut back all of my medications because now honestly I feel I don't need them.

I'm going to now chillax with a few drinks, and play video games, and stuff my face with pizza.

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Other than a hat...

By Sarah18, 2014-08-22

Other than as a hat, what have you used your tam for?

Last night my dog pulled a day old baby bunny from it's nest and we couldn't get it back in. I wrapped it up in my wool tam with a fleece glove and a hand warmer. It spent the night snuggled into my boobage while I fed it every 3 hours or so.

This morning I managed to locate the nest again and clear it enough to put her back in-luckily there were other baby buns in there for it to snuggle with! I've lived in this area for almost 10 years and have never seen a rabbit nest, but this was just at the foot of a tree, right out in the open. I'm hoping they stay safe!

I'm not usually one to interfere with wildlife and stuff. My cats regularly catch birds, bunnies, mice and gophers. Most of the time they're injured and we can't do anything, but something about this tiny baby wouldn't let me give up. She was so warm and snuggly-not one sign of weakness. How could I just let her go?

As for dreads, it's day 7 and damn if my arms aren't tired from separating! For the last three days I've been separating twice a day. WHAT? Twice a day? Yeah. Otherwise I've got one giant tangled mess. I separate my hair down the middle and pin one side up. Then I section the other piece by piece, tucking the already separated bits into another clip. All together it takes me about 30 minutes.

I plan on buying some bar soap from at the end of next week when I get my disability check. I have really hard well water, so I'm glad it's no residue for all types of water! If you've used it, let me know what you like better-the liquid or bar form. And what's your favorite scent? I lean towards the citrusy types.

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Day 6!

By Sarah18, 2014-08-21

Washed again last night. It felt like my hair was really soft afterwards but this morning I woke up to more knots! I had to separate my entire head this morning because everything was matting into one big hunk.

My arms are so tired from separating but it makes me feel good to know there's been so much progress. I feel like I'm less "piece-y" today and more knotty, if that makes sense.

Here's some pictures just after separation.

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Dread love

By Lily, 2014-08-21

Today is a great day, I have been letting my hair dread naturally for the most part since Jan 1 2014. It is interesting the different stages one goes through while dreading. I don't know if everyone has similar thoughts but somethings that have crossed my mind during my dreading process make me laugh. In the beginning I was like Holy flying squirrels these curls are insane, my hair is naturally very curly at the ends. When I began dreading the curls would turn up and dread into the root of the dread making large loops. They also love curling around each other, the free curls want to mingle with the party going on in the dreads (dread envy?) I used to wear it up in a pony tail in the early stages just to try to keep some chance of organization lol yeah right. That caused a problem, as most veterans know, the pony tail would pull on my dread roots and my scalp causing pressure and irritation. I opted for bandana's, they tend to keep things out of my face while leaving the rest to do the "congo line" yeah I know soo punny. About a month ago I started getting comfy with them but tried figuring out ways to be comfortable sleeping, as most of you know when you are dreading you tend to have lumps and bumps everywhere. Things are smooth sailing, the dreadies and I have agreed to work in unison now, I have started decorating my dreads with homemade beads and recycled items. I love the way they feel and look now and I cannot wait for them to mature and be grown-ups. My hair is rather dark brown and without perfect lighting you cannot see separate dreads well, they look like several big dreads in most pics. I will work on taking more dread photos outside.

Enough for now

Mad Dread love for all!

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Challenge, and I love it

By Stubby, 2014-08-20

This last year has been a challenge, and I love it. I started my journey on December 6th, 2013. I worked for a company that I had to wear a cap. I would put my hair in a pony tail and wrap it into a bun and put it under my cap. I was absolutely ignorant about how to dread. I looked on the internet on how to dread. one person said go to the store and purchase Neutrogena shampoo anti-residue formula. That was a stupid mistake. It is so bad for the environment. My hair did absolutely nothing. read my lips NOTHING. Then I found this site, and it was like Dorthy, stepping into the land of Oz. Reality set in on how to dread the positive, real way. I lost my job this year on Feb 20, 2014. I consider this my "True" starting date. No more cap. Today is my 6th month. I have about 10 knots. It's taking some time, but that's alright. SUMMARY: So... I started off wrong. Pony tail, used the wrong shampoo, lost my job and became a vegan. If you think dreading is tough, I dare you, try being a vegan. After 60 years of eating junk and destroying my body, it hasn't been easy for me. I had to share my story with you because now I can move forward. It's been a challenge and I love it.These challenges have made me stronger. I feel better about my life and dreading has been a positive part of it. I was going to do a time line but nobody wants to see an "old fart" on here. Hahahah. sorry about the length of this story.

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Day 4!

By Sarah18, 2014-08-19

No signs of slowing down!

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Day 3 Neglect...Holy Crap!

By Sarah18, 2014-08-18

Washed again last night. Let it air dry and went to bed with it just a bit damp. Woke up this morning and already had to separate the back of my head to prevent a beaver tail! What is going on here?!

Thinking about three days without conditioning or brushing. If it's THAT easy for my hair to dread, why wouldn't I let it? It obviously wants to!

I can't quite hide the plan anymore. My hair has outted itself a big earlier than I planned. I love it SO much.

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A Year of Changes

By Sarah18, 2014-08-16

One year. I figure it will be about one year into dreading that I'll really start seeing maturing dreadlocks. This is something I need to keep reminding myself of when I become impatient.

One year. What else can happen over the span of a year? So much!

Along with my One Year Dreadlock Journey, I've decided that it's reasonable to challenge myself to make other positive changes to my life, like weight loss.

So here it is. One year of not worrying about my hair. One year of loving myself and making positive changes to my body. I can do this!

Starting weight? Approximately 265ish. Size 22 pants. Size 2x top.

Goal weight one year from now? Well, weight I really don't care about. Pant size goal? 12 Top size? No long as my booty fits in a size 12 pant I'll be a far healthier person.

Ways of reaching my goal? I recently acquired a treadmill so walking will be done frequently, along with a subscription exercise plan. I also will be focusing on a plant based diet.

My daughter is 10. She's thin and fit now even though we eat horribly. I don't want her to struggle with her weight like I always have. It's time to start being an example for her, a time to show her how important it is to take care of and respect your body.

It's time!

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And It Begins!

By Sarah18, 2014-08-16

A few years ago I decided that I desperately wanted dreadlocks. I've always gotten bored with my hair quickly. From my natural brown I would dye red, platinum, black, purple, fire engine red...every color you could imagine until it just wasn't enough and I'd eventually shave it all off.

First I tried crocheting it and adding my own extensions. I worked my ass off making those extensions. Crochet hooks getting stuck in my finger, my thigh! Those suckers are hard to remove, especially because I was on the floor trying not to pass out. Yeah, I faint at little things.

Those looked awful, sticking out straight all over my head. So I combed them out and then tried twist and rip. Those were better but I just couldn't leave well enough alone. I started dying them and they turned a funky red from henna. They started maturing, pulling in, especially in the back. I started to feel really ugly. It was an awful feeling, but I was also dealing with deep depression at the same time and I think it was the wrong state of mind to start with.

So after about 6 months I combed them out and went about my life.

But the idea of dreads called to me constantly. Honestly, I always wanted a big mass of African American type wild kinky curls, but I am the whitest white girl you've ever seen, with fine hair. It would never happen. And then someone mentioned dreads again. YES! DREADLOCKS! It's time.

My one concern is that I have a 10 year old daughter who is reaching that point in school where kids can be incredibly cruel. We live in a fairly conservative area where my purple hair is already a shock for her primary schoolmates. So far all the kids have only complimented my hair. I know things change in middle school though. I fear embarrassing her, but she's always been pretty secure in her momma's funkiness and she knows I'd never intentionally make her life more difficult. Luckily, I guess, I don't have to worry about a job situation because I'm a disabled veteran.

Last night I decided to get started. I didn't have any dreadlock shampoo so I used my normal Black Magic face and body soap by One Hand Washes The Other. You can find her amazing soap on Etsy. Once you try it, you'll never want to use anything else! I doubt it has residue depositing properties, but here are the ingredients. You guys know more about it than me and can give me some feedback:

-Tea Tree Oil
-Peppermint Essential Oil
-Grapefruit Essential Oil
-French Green Clay
-Vitamin E
-Activated Charcoal (bamboo)

So I scrubbed my hair with it and rinsed...and scrubbed again. I usually use a super conditioning shampoo and then spend at least 10 minutes deep conditioning. My hair has been bleached and dyed so it has a rough texture if I don't. Instead, I just dried it and went to bed.

Woke up this morning to a beautiful mess!! Light curls separating all over my head. Body and frizziness everywhere! I'm hoping this immediate sectioning bodes well for quick locking and maturing, but of course there's no way of knowing until it starts to happen.

Here we go! I'll keep you updated on progress and hopefully we'll get some changes quickly!

A picture of my normal conditioned hair (and hey, check out the pendant...I made it!)

And here is what I woke up with this morning:

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