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Other than a hat...

user image 2014-08-22
By: Sarah18
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Other than as a hat, what have you used your tam for?

Last night my dog pulled a day old baby bunny from it's nest and we couldn't get it back in. I wrapped it up in my wool tam with a fleece glove and a hand warmer. It spent the night snuggled into my boobage while I fed it every 3 hours or so.

This morning I managed to locate the nest again and clear it enough to put her back in-luckily there were other baby buns in there for it to snuggle with! I've lived in this area for almost 10 years and have never seen a rabbit nest, but this was just at the foot of a tree, right out in the open. I'm hoping they stay safe!

I'm not usually one to interfere with wildlife and stuff. My cats regularly catch birds, bunnies, mice and gophers. Most of the time they're injured and we can't do anything, but something about this tiny baby wouldn't let me give up. She was so warm and snuggly-not one sign of weakness. How could I just let her go?

As for dreads, it's day 7 and damn if my arms aren't tired from separating! For the last three days I've been separating twice a day. WHAT? Twice a day? Yeah. Otherwise I've got one giant tangled mess. I separate my hair down the middle and pin one side up. Then I section the other piece by piece, tucking the already separated bits into another clip. All together it takes me about 30 minutes.

I plan on buying some bar soap from at the end of next week when I get my disability check. I have really hard well water, so I'm glad it's no residue for all types of water! If you've used it, let me know what you like better-the liquid or bar form. And what's your favorite scent? I lean towards the citrusy types.

Moon Child
08/22/14 09:40:10PM @moon-child:

Day 7! you go girl, I haven't had a problem with separation yet, mine don't want to be friends lol. This would be day 6 for me. So I'm just a day behind you! As for the little bunbun that's too cute. I'm so glad you were able to find it's nest and I hope the mother will nurse it, normally when a baby has obtained another scent the mother won't touch it. So I wonder what happens with that!

I've been eating right for about 2 weeks and 1 week smoke free! I am so proud, of course last night I indulged in some Sonic. My stomach was so 'full' and I was so tired afterwards.

I purchased my first shampoo wednesday, it's supposed to get here tomorrow I believe.(I hope so) My hair is in need of a good bath, lol. I enjoy the more earthy/flowery scents!

Keep me updated on the baby bun!

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