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2 Weeks - Natural set

By: Panga
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Well, it's around 2 weeks in to my new journey and I feel pretty in love with my first dread that formed lol. My hair has done good at separating so far. I had 2 babies form at the back of my neck and had to pull apart the larger one into three because it would have been to big. But things are moving along as I expected. I feel that having a set previously has increased my level of patience. I know the stages and how I felt before about myself. This time I feel more relaxed but it is also very very very early. I talked with my old boss (same workplace, just different department than me now) and she loved that I was letting my hair dread again. I still should let my own boss know so he's aware of it. I may be getting a promotion, so that's why I have been hesitant this last week to say anything. It's past my yearly review and I am not even supposed to know about this potential raise and title promotion. Kinda stupid to want to stay quiet about dreads because of that isn't it? Anyways, very excited to see what my head looks like in 2 more weeks!
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
08/24/14 12:03:01AM @soaring-eagle:

congrats and maybe when they announce the promotion that would be the time to let them know

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