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Day 4!

user image 2014-08-19
By: Sarah18
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No signs of slowing down!

Moon Child
08/21/14 12:52:58PM @moon-child:
Thanks ND!

08/21/14 12:22:45PM @naturaldreads01:

Wool tams are great btw.. The wool pillow thing is optional, not really needed.. My tam has been the culprit to some of my greatest lock starting knots. :D I'm sorry to hear about both of your situations.. I can kind of relate. Wishing you both much love, peace, health and wealth! :D

Moon Child
08/21/14 10:00:50AM @moon-child:
Military is rough stuff. I could never do it myself. I'm glad you're able to get on the right track now for you and your daughter while she's still young!Oh I can't post pictures in a blog on my phone so I just posted my 4 day old dreads to the photos.

08/21/14 03:39:32AM @cb:

Yeah, I hit bottom when my daughter was about 5. When I came out of the military she was 3 and I was almost non-functional. My experiences with coworkers and stuff just totally messed me up. I was able to give her the basics but nothing more. Things were bad for a few years more while I was in therapy to get things worked out. Luckily she doesn't remember any of it but I'm sure some part of her development was stunted by what I could provide at the time. She's an amazing person and I consider myself blessed to be able to call her my daughter.

Moon Child
08/21/14 02:57:27AM @moon-child:
I guess we are a lot alike. I'm just glad I decided to do something about it before I had a little one to look up to me every day. I just got over a pregnancy scare and I realized I'm not prepared in any aspects to have a child. Taking care of me and the boyfriend is hard enough.

Moon Child
08/21/14 02:43:14AM @moon-child:
I'm sure I could find one at the happy shak! Actually both of those items. But I'm currently trying to steer away from anything that would make my dreads obvious. I decided to dread even though management told me I couldn't for image reasons.. As sad as that is., so until I find another job at a different kennel I hope. I need to keep them as inconspicuous as possible.

08/21/14 02:39:18AM @cb:

We sound VERY similar. Getting rid of drama and finding the right dose of antidepressants was crucial for me to get back into the world. Okay, fine, I'm not REALLY in the world yet. I was numb for so many years. I cut, and did anything to FEEL something. Then I switched doctors and found out I was being severely over medicated. I went through a lot of therapy to teach me how to feel again and now I feel good, but I can tell all the other stuff is still just under the surface.

I care about people...but sometimes I can't care about them and myself at the same time. Or I can't care about them enough. Sometimes I only have the energy and ability to care about myself and my daughter. And that's okay for now. I just branch out little by little and pull back if it gets to be too much again.

Moon Child
08/21/14 02:34:28AM @moon-child:
Also very good information!Sorry I'm not all that good at conversation or giving thanks or compliments towards advice. For the past two years I've kind if shut myself off from the world. I figured people were drama! So eliminating people would take away the stress of life. Then I became numb to emotions due to anti-depressants. I don't want to be some but on meds so I'm hoping this life style will help me become intune with myself and MY feelings over others. I want to do what's best for ME for a change! So I can become a better person who wants to help more than just pets and animals, but humans too. This site helps me realize not everyone's all bad! Ya know? Sorry for the depressing sappy stuff.

08/21/14 02:30:26AM @cb:

Can you wear a wool tam to keep it out of your face? Last time I was here a few years ago, it was suggested to wear a wool tam often and sleep on a wool pillow case. I bought a cheap wool sweater at a discount store and slept on that for months! It really got things moving.

Moon Child
08/21/14 02:28:21AM @moon-child:
I sleep a lot too, when I'm not at work.Also I've been trying to hold my hair back with a piece of yarn.. And it keeps falling out, I need a way to hold my hair back at work, so my oily face doesn't mess up my dreads! I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place..

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