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T&R best method for me.

By Jessica Owens, 2013-11-16

Today I'm starting over!

I like the thought of the neglect method because the individuality of each dread but I decided to go with the twist and rip. Reason being is because I love conditioning my hair. I love not having tangles. I hardly ever brush my hair but Neglect is a problem for me because if I wash my hair I have to condition it (if I don't have dreads). I don't like the feeling my hair has without conditioner. Every time i get in the shower I will condition it and it will be a constant cycle of "I wont do it next time". I also constantly put my hair in a bun, so I know that would also prevent the dreads from forming.

I loved having dreads the first time because I didn't have to use conditioner. Knowing it was best not to use it because it needed to knot and conditioner prevents that. I didnt want to mess up the work I had done by loosening them up to where Id have to start all over.

Also the neglect method would have gotten me to brush my hair. Too messy bothers me lol

I love T&R and the process and making the dreads. Its fun for me :)

Does this make any since?

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Starting the Journey

By Jessi Rich, 2013-11-12

It's the second week of neglect for me. I've been washing my hair with baking soda and acv once a week and using my fingers to separate the sections out. I did a little twist and rip on some front pieces last night but when I washed my hair today it pretty much undid itself. I'm excited that I'm already starting to see some dreads! I can't wait to watch this evolve =)

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Home burning dread beads

By Patrick4, 2013-11-07

Hello once again... So, in the inspiration too decorate a bit as well as help keep things at least a little orderly, I wanted to try making some dread beads. I went to the local craft store, and was rather disappointed with their selection of wooden beads, but managed to get some wooden spindle-style pieces to work with. They work just fine so far, but I got some inspiration to pull out the old wood burning kit again and do some designs. Turned out better than I could've imagined, and I love wearing them around. They're keeping some of the more awkward spots in order, but only if they're already well dreaded and definitely dry.

Keeping them on isn't a problem, and by folding the ends I can push them through without too much trouble. My one concern is that the holes are rather small, is this a bad thing? I don't want to constrict them too much, but they seem fine for now... Anybody out there have any experience with smaller beads in the earlier stages of dreading?

Thanks all.

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Twist and rip/natural?

By Lisa6, 2013-11-06
Hi everyone,I'm 5,5 weeks into the natural proces now.And my Hair didn't change in the slightest.I haven't got any loops, bumps or tangled hairs.Now I know 5 weeks isn't that long, but my I think my Hair type just isn't that suitable for freeform dreads.I have curly thick Hair. My Hair is sectioned though, but curly Hair is Always sectioned!My Hair is super super soft, not a knot to be found.I wash my Hair 2x a week with baking soda. week ago I stopped using ACV in the hopes that my Hair would become dryer. IT didn't, now I just have a SALT layer on my Hair but my Hair itself is still soft.I sleep with a woolen sweater on my pillow to get my Hair tangled. But iT doenst Seem to help Either.Any suggestion?Should I twist and rip my Hair and let I go from there or just leave iT?
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want to get high? drug addiction gets gruesome with new drug krokodil

By ☮ soaring eagle ॐ, 2013-11-05


this contains real images of the devastating effects of a new drug hitting the streets


its being called a cheap but powerful heroin like drug..with devastating effects.

theres only been a few reported cases in U.S.A. so far but Europe is seeing a increase in it's availability on the streets despite the horrendous effects.

it is also now showing up in pills as well.

unsuspecting addicts are taking this powerful and dangerous drug without knowing it.

often the 1st signs of trouble don't appear untill its already been used a few times.

so whats so dangerous? isn't heroin bad enough how much worse can this be?

the high is more powerful then heroin supposedly, but thats not what causes the danger.

the danger is that it has a flesh eatting property that causes rapid deterioration of skin and muscle tissue.

i would recommend reading no further unless you can handle extremely gruesome images

these images are real..and really shocking..

i am posting this as awake up call to anyone who messes with powders..or even pills

your high is not worth it.. you will never know if this was added to what you have taken.

this could happen to you

im sorry for this

i know its horrifying im feeling sick posting it but if it helps shock people into awareness and get them clean before it affects them its worth it

many of t6hese images are out of russia where the drug began

but it has spread quickly despite strong efforts to keep it contained.

marijuana users believe in legalization of marijuana, a few may also believe all drugs should be legal. but if drug manufacturers are willing to do this to thousands of people just to increase profit margins, isn't some drug enforcement necessary?

krokodil is desomorphine

because it is easily synthesized from commonly available ingredients addicts have learned to make it themselves at home.

the high is short lived compared to heroin with withdraw symptoms starting almost immediately.

because of how quickly and easily it can be manufactured, and the short term high and quick withdraw users would make a batch and use it right away without further purification resulting in devastating gangrene often requiring amputation.

Of the few reported cases in U.S.A. several reported learning how to make it themselves online, but most thought they had bought legitimate heroin.

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i have done the unthinkable and cut off my locks

By pyrobud, 2013-11-04

so for like a year now i have been unemployed after quitting my job at a fast food restaurant and i guess i just fell into peer pressure.cuz everybody was telling it was my dreads that were keeping me from getting a job. and that if i would just cut them off or clean them up some how it would be easier. well like two of my friends one has dreads and one used to have them one tells me i should twist the new grow and the other one had crochet dreads so he always say if you let me do it the will look perfect. so i guess nobody understands what natural dreadlocks mean. so eventually everybody got to me and with my girlfriend pushing me to get a job i felt like it was waht needed to be done to get everybody off my back. so its been like 2 weeks since i shaved my head and i can finally say that there is something i regret doing cuz now i cant wait for my hair to grow back so i can start all over again. it also seems like i really worked up some bad feeling toward the people the pushed me toward catting them.

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Over a month now!

By Patrick4, 2013-11-02

I've actually been preoccupied enough that I'm around 1 month and a week, so even more progress! They're coming together really well, having to separate more and more and leaving them down a lot to help them along... They tend to stay in separate locks a lot, and each one eventually tangles in its own way/time and starts dreading in earnest. I've got a few really good ones around the sides and back, and I'm gonna pop a couple beads on the spots that are already well-dreaded but a little flat or unruly soon. Also just took my dreads to the Pinnacles National Park for some adventures on high peaks and deep caves! Great time always. Lots and lots of hiking these days, no wonder they're shaping up so well! I'd like to continue my thanks to this site for all the help and resources it makes available, I may have made some serious mistakes by now if it wasn't for this place.

Thanks and love you all! Keep on living a life worthy of a beautiful world.

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Front vs. Back

By Sean Ford, 2013-10-29

This is just a random question for anyone who might know answer or ideas on how to work with said question. When growing natural dreadlocks it seems in more cases that the back locks up a lot quicker than the front. Why is this and is there a way of taking what is happening in the back and apply it to the front and sides of the head?

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Gash On My Head.

By Sean Ford, 2013-10-29

I slipped in my friends bathroom the other day and hit my head on the toilet paper roll holder and got a really nasty gash just under one of my dreads. I was afraid I was going to have to brush out my lock to access the hurt area. I was also worried about the fact that I only wash my dreads once a week and didn't want to get an infection. I cleaned the area with peroxide and used and antibacterial soap. I then applied Neosporin to theroot of the lock and using a blow dryer I was able to melt the Neosporin deep under my dread to my scalp. It still hurts but, I am glad I was able to treat without having to upset my lock. If anyone has any thoughts or other suggestions on how I could have done things differently (aside from hurting myself in the first place) please let me know. Peace and love.

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By Kerry LoCo, 2013-10-27

Purchased a bottle of Biotin and started taking it yesterday. Don't really need it for hair growth, but am having a problem with my nails, so decided to try it. I will see if it does anything for the hair (which is pretty healthy so far).

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