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Are my dreads ever going to lock?

By: Ana2
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So I've been dreading for about 20 MONTHS NOW ..and I feel like I did something wrong. I look at pictures online of people who have been dreading for 10-15 months and their locks look great, some even perfect. So why are mine taking forever? I told myself I was gonna wait as long as I had to, and I am a patient person. However, my folks have been bothering me left and right sayin' they're not going to lock, and that's its been more than a year so to cut them off. Let me say this, when I first started them, I used the twist and rip method, and some backcombing, no wax, no products. All natural. I haven't touched them in 15 months, I kinda just let them do their own thing. So what's up? Why are they taking forever? Am I doing something wrong? ...I wash with acv and tea tree and some lemon for the flakes ...another reason why my folks told me to cut them off is because ever since I got em, I've developed some bad dandruff on my scalp and it's pretty nasty. That's why I wash 3 times a week.

Montrel NappyBoi Freeman
02/07/14 09:32:44AM @montrel-nappyboi-freeman:
You can't look at everyone else hair because you will always be lost... because everyone hair is different and does different things so looking at someone else head will get you lost all the time # Nappy Boi

01/10/14 03:31:03AM @nixxi:

your dreads look great! maybe ease up on the tea tree and lemon? i have a very similar story. i'm a little over 2 years in now, and i'm seeing more progress now than ever. everyone's locks are different. don't give up, it will be sooo worth it. and this might sound sorta kinda crazy but like.... the more i accept and love my locks the way they are, the better they look and the more compliments i get. anyway, your locks look natural and gorgeous, keep it going :]

J Retti
01/06/14 09:04:12PM @j-retti:
Just a side you wash your hair less frequently, your scalp will eventually learn not to produce so much oil/grease. The more you wash your hair and strip away the natural oils that are supposed to condition your hair for you, the more your scalp will try to compensate for all the washing (by producing more oil).By the way, I think your dreads look pretty cool on you. Don't give up!

Tara C
01/04/14 08:29:20PM @tara-c:

Wash with a non-residue shampoo, or wash with baking soda, followed by a small amount of apple cider vinegar, and whatever essential oils you want to use. Apple cider vinegar is conditioning, you want to use a small amount only after you've washed with baking soda. Baking soda got rid of the dandruff/flakes for me, and tea tree oil and rosemary oil are also good for dandruff.

Besides that, I do see dreads forming. Some look pretty solid, just that there's a lot of loose hair still around them. Mine are somewhat like that. Just depends on the person, as well as what they do.

01/04/14 06:17:29PM @naturaldreads01:

Wait... That shirt.. Do you like HIM or do you just like the Heartagram logo? lol.. I agree with the others for the most part. Wishing you much love and peace on all of your journeys! :D

01/03/14 01:47:04AM @ana2:

Got it! ...Thanks everyone, much appreciated.

!!emoji!!1!!emoji!! soaring eagle ॐ
01/02/14 01:32:20PM @soaring-eagle:

your not washing your conditioning and probably making them oily to boot

acv is only used after baking soda to reset the ph balance lemon should never be used at all teatree or (and) rosemary are for dandruff

id switch to a shampoo the liquid from or baking soda and acv (used properly)

Baba Fats
01/02/14 11:36:23AM @baba-fats:

ACV is a conditioner, first off. It will make your hair more acidic, making your hair slicker, which, in turn, will make it harder to lock.

Second, Lemon juice should NEVER touch your hair. Lemon juice and lime juice are citric acid. Citric acid may not be a strong acid, but it's more than strong enough to seep into your locks making the brittle and damaged. NEVER use it on hair.

Third, some of us just take longer to lock. I didn't see any progress at all for the first year. Take a look at Ixchel's page. She didn't see much progress for about 8-10 months. Even now, it's been well over a year, and her's aren't as mature as others with less time. It just happens sometimes.

And like Amanda said, I can see locks forming, too. They just need some more time. That loose hair in between your locks should NEVER go away. It's healthy and needed to maintain them. As the locks, themselves, grow out, they will snag on the loose hairs and tangle with them. That's how the roots keep tightening

Amanda Esp
01/02/14 10:41:57AM @amanda-esp:
I'm seeing locks. Maybe it's just taking more time to mature. ... anyone else sees this?

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