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My Dreadlock Journey

user image 2013-12-31
By: Kayla4
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I can't believe it's been over a year that I've had my dreadlocks now. The dreadlock journey was so frustrating but rewarding. I learned patience(which is something I totally lack), and I had to learn to cope with rude comments, assumptions, and my family's reactions. I live in a small town, and I have only met 3 people in my entire state so far that have dreadlocks. I don't regret having these lovelies one bit. I have spent so much time and energy into these, and it just feels right. I made dreadlocks not for anyone but myself, because I wanted to, it was what made me truly happiest. And so I want to thank everyone in the dreadlock community for your support and for being so helpful and accepting. Much love.

03/04/14 12:58:30AM @kayla4:

Thank you your words are much appreciated! Especially for me right now when I am feeling so conflicted with what I want in my life!

03/04/14 12:16:28AM @stingrey:
Kayla let me give you a BIG jump start in life, finish school then strike out. I have made 6 figures (not bragging, just say'in for reference) and let me say the happiness was very transitory & shallow. Don't go looking to make more money, make more happiness. Because in the end what ever makes you happiest is what you should be doing the most. Of course work & be productive, Jah won't pay the bills. And wherever you are happiest, that is where you belong & don't let anyone else sway you differently. But to find it you need to explore, follow your own path & it will bring you there.With much love & peace.

03/03/14 11:42:46PM @kayla4:

Sorry it took me like a couple months until I read this haha but I am definitely gonna move as soon as I get the chance!

03/03/14 11:41:57PM @kayla4:

Oh wow thank you this is awesome!

01/07/14 03:13:27AM @stingrey:
You'll find strength in following your own path, not the path others would choose for you. Kudos on sticking to your guns in the face of adversity. I spent 10 years in the military, so when you talk about living in a dread-scarce/unfriendly community I totally get it. Because of regulations I had to wait until my service was done to grow mine out. I now live in the most dread-friendly city in my state. You see dreadheads all over my city, it's very much a mountaintop college/hippie town full of students, snowboarders, naturalist and endurance athletes. I would suggest moving further west to a more progressive town when your finished with school. The Pacific Northwest has some of the most dread-fiendly areas in our country from Seattle to Portland on down to the whole of California from San Francisco to San Diego. You know, you would think Hawai'i would be really Dready with the laid back island vibe & lifestyle. Heck you have radio stations that play nothing but reggae ALL DAY. On Maui they even have two competing stations Q103 & Native 92.5 broadcasting on two diffrent frequencies each. But for all thier reggae loving music and bands (Pepper, J.Boog, Bo Napoleon, Common People, Anueha I could go on & on) I see fewer dreadheads on the island then my small college town. Hope this helps and gives you food for thought.

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