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Dreadlock Moisturizer

By: Kayla4
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Does anyone have any suggestions for a good dreadlock moisturizer or what I could do to make my own? It's very dry where I live and I have been using diluted (with water) coconut oil that was working over the summer and fall but now that it has gotten so dry it doesn't seem to work anymore.

01/23/14 04:39:50PM @kayla4:

So far from what I have heard our water isn't hard but I could be wrong. I have fine, kinda thin hair I do the vinegar rinse about twice a month and use a dreadlock shampoo like once or twice a week

01/13/14 12:19:12AM @gingerrose:
They have been saying jojoba oil is closest to natural. What you choose depends a lot on your hair type, I think. Others should answer this, as my knowledge in this area is patchy ;)Are you using a vinegar rinse? Do you have hard water? So many factors that can make it drier than what is comfortable

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