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loc reflections: month three

By Beijaflor, 2012-08-22

hi guys! eh um terceiro mes pra mim and i am happy to have made it another month! this month has been topsy turvy. my locs had begun to loosen at one point but now they are compressing more. ive had three dreams (nightmares) of me having my hair in a loose form and that has scared me but i have been staying strong. i look at it as signs of strength and not of weakness because im still loc'd and blessed. at this moment i am at a cleansing detox with a hard water removal shampoo until my hair feels fully clarified. once i am finish with this phase i will return back to my besan. my locs are starting to look like locs at the root or at least forming into locs and this has recently happened within the last week. i also had a nice vacation at the beach last week and the ocean was a big treat for my hair, mind, spirit.. i just loved the beach. well thats it guys, i am enjoying the evolving of my hair and myself as a person. ive never felt more free and excited. until next month guys. :)

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loc reflections: month 2

By Beijaflor, 2012-07-22

Hi guys! If I am creating this post than I have surpassed my second month of loc bliss. This month has been to say the least.. exciting.=) My roots are locking wash by wash and the loose hair is starting to feed in. Progress is happening alot faster than I expected. I havereceivedgreat compliments among peers and strangers has given me a great push to keep striding on. The support from this site has been a great one. I have met great people from all faces of life and its been awesome. I also indigo'd my hair this month and it was pretty cool , it made my strands stronger and my hair color richer.. which is a cool bonus.But I have to admit that I have had a couple of minor bumps but they have also made me stronger:

-At one point I waned to redo them but I left them be because I felt vanity kicking in and I am stronger than that. I want this to be an accepting journey not a perfection journey.

-Ive had two dreams where I had straight unlocked hair that was really long, but then I wake up and I laugh. It was hard for the first couple of seconds but I know those dreams are tests and I have surpassed both so un-consciousbring it on!

So all in all thats been about it Ive been enjoying both the transformations and bumpy roads (literally and non). So third month, show mama watcha got! =)

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loc reflections: month one.

By Beijaflor, 2012-06-25

so guys its been a whole month already. its been full of frizz, shrinkage, knots, dryness and tangles. and you know what.. i love it. i have to admit the reality of how fast these attributes hit me were a bit overwhelming for the first two weeks.

i was a person that hated shrinkage (which is very natural with my hair type, matter of fact in its loose state it shrinks to about 90% of its length), frizz, and tangles and would redo her hair in a flash so it could look "fresh" again. i made sure that it was moisturized so that it could stay with a sheen and nice and "presentable". well this journey has taught me to let my hair just be.

locs were meant for me. it allows for my hair to be free to do what it does (all of the above) and allows me to not battle against it. and me physically and most of all my soul is benefiting from me. this is teaching me to just let self be.. and thats what i hope to gain completely throughout this journey.

now today, i wear my hair out with pride .. tam free and its been that way for two weeks now. ive learned to love everything that i try to fight against and that everything that i fight against goes against the nature of who i am and now i just let nature be its true purpose.. free. this is my first entry and please encourage me to do one every month because i can suck at being consistent.

until next month.. happy loc journey!!

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