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loc reflections: month one.

user image 2012-06-25
By: Beijaflor
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so guys its been a whole month already. its been full of frizz, shrinkage, knots, dryness and tangles. and you know what.. i love it. i have to admit the reality of how fast these attributes hit me were a bit overwhelming for the first two weeks.

i was a person that hated shrinkage (which is very natural with my hair type, matter of fact in its loose state it shrinks to about 90% of its length), frizz, and tangles and would redo her hair in a flash so it could look "fresh" again. i made sure that it was moisturized so that it could stay with a sheen and nice and "presentable". well this journey has taught me to let my hair just be.

locs were meant for me. it allows for my hair to be free to do what it does (all of the above) and allows me to not battle against it. and me physically and most of all my soul is benefiting from me. this is teaching me to just let self be.. and thats what i hope to gain completely throughout this journey.

now today, i wear my hair out with pride .. tam free and its been that way for two weeks now. ive learned to love everything that i try to fight against and that everything that i fight against goes against the nature of who i am and now i just let nature be its true purpose.. free. this is my first entry and please encourage me to do one every month because i can suck at being consistent.

until next month.. happy loc journey!!

06/29/12 11:23:51PM @beijaflor:

@Tara- Thank you! And I agree with what you said wholeheartedly. I guess that as people we can naturally be afraid to "just allow" life to be. We are so bounded by the outlook of others and what we were taught to believe is "'acceptable and right" that we hold ourselves back and just don't let be "be". But once we just release ourselves from the anxiety to please others, its such a beautiful thing.

Tara C
06/29/12 03:08:24PM @tara-c:

I love the positive outlook on it :) it's definitely something that teaches patience and understanding and confidence, it's just that not everyone allows it to.

06/25/12 09:33:09PM @beijaflor:

Thank you Elle. Wow we can be loc buddies! =) i love to watch them mature as well i cant imagine the impatience that i would have if i were doing "manicured locs". Natural locs are like the ultimate in hair freedom and freedom in general which in turn i believe would decrease unecessary vanity. =)

Elle Gee
06/25/12 04:09:18AM @elle-gee:

Welcome to the world of natural dreads! I've been going natural for two weeks, too. I only started mine 3 weeks ago, though. I've been loving every minute of it! I don't care how it looks to other people because to me it's so beautiful! I feel like they're my children in a way... I loe to watch them mature, which they've done pretty quickly on their own so far. It just takes time :)

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