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Alex Espy


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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
02/26/12 02:07:04PM @soaring-eagle:

welcome so are u going natural?

Linda Marie Gates
09/28/11 07:39:35PM @linda-marie-gates:

Beautiful dreads Love.. :)

Cyndi Samura
01/12/11 12:16:09AM @charlie2:

Hey Joe! I almost forgot to wish you a happy birthday. I had the intent all day but did not for some strange reason.I wanted to tell you something clever or give you some good insight, but all these lacked in me. So instead think of this message being wrapped in love and inside of it some great present.

Enjoy your very own new year, Happy birthday Joe!

Nate Wagner
01/03/11 04:15:11AM @michael-zapsky:
Well you're wlecome! You seemed like a pretty rad guy from your profile!

Cyndi Samura
12/29/10 12:37:03AM @charlie2:
Team work

Cyndi Samura
12/28/10 11:41:52PM @charlie2:
In a sense every philosopher is religious.

Cyndi Samura
12/28/10 11:08:51PM @charlie2:

My mother is Christian. My father is Muslim. My brother an Atheist. My oldest brother is confused.

Inevitably I became a philosopher. To this art I practice religiously. : )

12/28/10 09:03:41PM @jody-m-regan:
Guitar! (:

Cyndi Samura
12/28/10 06:18:40PM @charlie2:
I don't know how it works today.

Cyndi Samura
12/28/10 11:21:39AM @charlie2:
Not at all. I almost had the chance when I was young but that was right during the Persian Gulf War. From then entrance into Iraq was cut off. My dad snuck in through Turkey. I don't talk to him anymore, I don't know why.

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