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dreadlocks shampoo


Location: Denton, TX
Zipcode: 76210
Country: US

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04/28/11 05:39:20PM @karina:
it is a glorious day outside today :D

04/14/11 06:46:53AM @mzjae:
love to see you interesting psychoilogy.....

Johnnie Elizabeth
04/06/11 12:52:18AM @lupe-espinoza:
thanks. your hair is amazing. i wish i had as much hair as you do.

04/01/11 03:39:22PM @tuuli:
yeah we hav one down here in florida, great place to eat!

03/31/11 08:44:55PM @tuuli:
yeah i just ate there tonight, one of my favorite places to eat, but im in florida tho.

03/28/11 09:10:19AM @cinnadread:
The other books from the store I was thinking of were already sold. The only books I have left are the ones listed on Bonanza.

03/23/11 01:31:00PM @cinnadread:
Cool. All I'm seeing here is The Decameron of Giovanii Boccaccio. Next time I go to the store I'll check to see what's there.

03/23/11 01:07:46PM @cinnadread:
That's the whole book. We get most of our stuff from estate sales and auctions. I have more books that aren't listed on there. I'll check to see if I have a list of them here at home.

Jamie Howes
03/23/11 10:48:15AM @david-escobar:
thankyou! i really enjoyed reading what you had to say, i like your theory on how stars are formed. it isnt often someone says something that is "new" to me, for i live in a town of controlled minds and as much as i spread my knowledge, there isnt much spiritual, subliminal or reasonable talk from anyone i know except my family. and to answer your question i am dreading to express my spirituality and wanted something to represent the whole pureness of my soul, mind and thoughts, something rather than our collective consciousness( not that its not enough) to unify us all as one in the most natural physical form you can have, so i thought dreads! and get this, my soulmates spirit guide is me, as an elderly woman from a different time and demension, i claim to be mother nature, and i have long silvery gray dreads. so i also look at it as time, as i enter into my womanhood i believe my dreads will keep me on the path i need to be going, and help me to teach and spread knowledge to those in my generation and generations that come after me. i will empower them (my dreads) to do so. and set aside i do believe hair is art, so why not dread your canvas? :]

03/23/11 10:44:38AM @cinnadread:
Hi Steaze. Sorry it's been so long...I just saw your question about my shop. We have a variety of stuff - glass and pottery, antique furniture, war memorabilia, paintings, albums, etc. You can check out some of the stuff on Bonanza .You're dreads are looking awesome! :)

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