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dreadlocks shampoo
Michael Zapsky


Location: Madera, PA
Zipcode: 16661
Country: US


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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
03/03/12 01:49:51PM @soaring-eagle:

welcome you should set up shop here then also where in pa are ya if anywhere near philly join here too (brand new site i just finnished building ) its free to set up a shop here

05/13/11 08:00:09PM @nick:

your hair is awesome. just saying hi and I want 2 do dreads anyway I'm in Florida..later

Chad Allen
05/01/11 03:28:27AM @mel3:
Hey I love your "about me" section! :)

Lizzie Meyer
02/28/11 01:36:59PM @robert-junior:
dusptep is the shit. im digging this song :))

Chloe Alexandra
01/16/11 01:32:13PM @chris-taylor:
thank you for the friend request. your hair is looking good. its a fun process

Che Guevaarlijk
01/05/11 01:55:49PM @arianne:
glad you added me Ashlynn because I haven't met toooo many younger female dreadies on here (like myself, I'm 18). your hair looks so pretty, i love people with light colored dreads because the naturally darker roots just look so awesome in conjunction. question for you: i did t&r and am now letting my hair do it's own thing, have you found that washing every day with BS/vinegar has helped them lock or anything?

01/05/11 10:07:28AM @ahmed:
oh my god, i got on here and your song is sierra leone, fuckin awesome, dubstep.

Megan Boyd
01/03/11 09:45:58PM @erin-elizabeth:

Thanks for the add, your dreads look great!

Im excited to be a platinum again, I figured its the easiest way to prevent silly roots since I am a natural blonde.

good luck with your dreads!

Che Guevaarlijk
01/03/11 04:27:32PM @arianne:
hello new friend! my name is megan (:

mercy richards
01/03/11 11:32:30AM @alex-espy:
why thank you. theres tons of rad people on this site hahaha

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