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salt water spray

By marisue, 2013-01-16

well tomorrow is day 5 and I think I can see my hair kind of seperating into thier own little worlds, although feeling a little greasy but soft at the same time ...dont ask cant explain. Anyway I just ordered a shampoo bar hopefully it will be here soon.Ive washed my hair with sulfite shampoo seemed to work out alright but I am interested intrying out the b/s wash so I will do that in a couple of days but what I want to know is the salt water spray. how much salt to I put in a spray bottle of water. do I spray my whole head and how long do I keep it on my hair before I wash my hair with the b/s solution. Is it true that the b/s wash helps your hair dread better? Thanks hopefully Ill be able to take pictures of how its coming along so I can get some feedback.

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Man so excited today its day 3 and i was reading up on shampoos and the more I keep reading the more I get overwealmed my problem is worrying about bs/acv mix i would woory to much about if I mix things right or did i rinse enough blah blah blah so I decided to just go ahead and order shampoo that is already mix and ready to use online, so until then I will use some shampoo I had bought last week that is sulvite free until it arrives. Im just not sure if I wash my whole head or just the scalp and let the shampoo run through my hair and just make sure I rinse real good? I had an old employee of mine come in today and I told him i was starting on growing freads he was so excited and he told me he had dreads befor for a long time and I showed him my hair and he said that yup they look like they are doing what they are supposed to be doing and look really good. Man that made my whole day! he told me he was going to come in every few days and see the progress. So off shopping I go .

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very straight and staticy day 2

By marisue, 2013-01-13

i know its pretty early well very early its only day 2 of my natural journey and i usually wear it up in a bun but ive left it down for a second day and ive noticed its really straight andreally soft but i have alot of static. what can i do for it since I cant put any product in it. i washed it yesterday and dont plan on washing it till i think monday. havent noticed any dreading yet though what should I be expecting in the weeks to come so I know what to be looking for. Im going to try to use dr bronners first or is the bs/acv the best way to start . thanks

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day one of new journey

By marisue, 2013-01-11

any advice is so welcome I'll probobly be here alot asking questions and hopefully one day I will be able to give it instead of asking for it but as in life everyday brings something new to everyone. I bought a sulfite free shampoo and I was wondering if I can shampoo my hair every few days with that also I wear my hair up at work is it alright to do that or should I wear it down. thanks for help and guidence

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