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my newest baby

By marisue, 2013-03-19
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one sided

By marisue, 2013-03-19

well its three months now things are going great I think just wish they could be moving along a little faster but none of the less I love waking up every day and looking in the mirror and seeing something different each day its a blast. Any way Im getting a little worried that im getting a few good dreads on the ledt side of my head but right now the right side im getting very little action mostly down at the bottom of my hair its starting to lock up some. Any advice. Thankks

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what happened

By marisue, 2013-02-17

ok so I was going thru my hair and as I was slipping my hair thru a bead I noticed that the ends of my hair all of a sudden locked up like this . is this normal or should I try to untangle it gently, actually looks kind of cool but it happened so quick. thanks

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whats going on here!

By marisue, 2013-02-17
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1 month neglect

By marisue, 2013-02-12

my first dreadling (hopefully) tell me what you think hopefully the pick comes out don't know why its upside down though Ill send another of a different view I put beads in so more hair wouldn't get in it and make it to big but they slipped out is there a certain way to put them in so they don't slip out

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bs/acv actually works!!!

By marisue, 2013-02-07

hey thanks for the attempt on the first long reply< anyway I read what I had posted and I think I might have written it wrong but no I didnt put the acv in my hair along with the the bs, after I soaked and scrubbed my head in the sink I left it sit in my hair for about 10 t0 20 minutes and then I went to the shower and rinsed all the bs out and thenI took the acv and water I had mixed earlier and poured it over my head and rinsed real well.

again thanks for your reply and I will try to post pics real soon Im getting a new computer so hopefully it will be essier to send pics with that. I have to say I havent had clumps of hair in my hands since Ive started this journey and everyday I look at my hair and see what new things are going on with my hair its funny to see my hair changing everyday.

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bs/acv actually works!!!

By marisue, 2013-02-06

i finally tried it the baking soda /acv wash, and let me tell you i might not have mixed it right but man whatever I did it made my hair feel so good. Im always hesitant to do things that I have to mix cause Im always afraid that Ill screw it up but after reading so many different ways on how to mis it I was getting overloaded on info so I decided to mix and go for it. I filled a sink with a gallon of water, 1 cup of BS a tbl spoon of sea salt (only because I wanted to spray it but I didnt have a soray bottle) and (this is where I screwed up I put 7 to 10 drops of tea tree oil. I realize I should have put it in the acv afterward. So I put my head in the sink and massaged my scalp and scrubbed and took a cup and poured the h20 all over the back of my head to get it all wet (not an easy job getting my whole head on the sink). So I let put a shower cap on my head and let it soak for about 20 minutes then rinsed it in the shower with I believe 2 to 4 cups of h20 and a half cup of acv with a few drops of myrrh oil.

let me tell you I wish I could do it everyday but its alot to do everyday, so in all reality how many time a week can you wash your hair with that mix I know I will do it for sure at least once a week. its been a month since monday and its getting there have a pretty good baby working in the back but everything else is just seperated. I put my hair up everyday at work in a bun and then take it out asap after work so hopefully thats not hindering it in anyway.

oh yeah if anyone can help me post pics let me know Im having trouble posting them. sorry such a long blog I ramble especially when I get so excited about something.

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2 weeks

By marisue, 2013-01-25

well it will be two weeks tomorrow and im still having fun looking at the changes that my hair is making everyday. I feel like im taking care of a brand new baby! anyway my hair is very long all the way down my back so I was wondering if it takes longer to dread being long compared to having short hair. Also I had someone check myhair that had had dreads and he says that they are seperating real good so thats comforting, my question is I heard putting beads in your dreads are good for them if so is now the good time to do it and if so how do you put them in. Thank as soon as I figure out how to download pics I will send them thru.

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