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salt water spray

user image 2013-01-16
By: marisue
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well tomorrow is day 5 and I think I can see my hair kind of seperating into thier own little worlds, although feeling a little greasy but soft at the same time ...dont ask cant explain. Anyway I just ordered a shampoo bar hopefully it will be here soon.Ive washed my hair with sulfite shampoo seemed to work out alright but I am interested intrying out the b/s wash so I will do that in a couple of days but what I want to know is the salt water spray. how much salt to I put in a spray bottle of water. do I spray my whole head and how long do I keep it on my hair before I wash my hair with the b/s solution. Is it true that the b/s wash helps your hair dread better? Thanks hopefully Ill be able to take pictures of how its coming along so I can get some feedback.

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