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very straight and staticy day 2

user image 2013-01-13
By: marisue
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i know its pretty early well very early its only day 2 of my natural journey and i usually wear it up in a bun but ive left it down for a second day and ive noticed its really straight andreally soft but i have alot of static. what can i do for it since I cant put any product in it. i washed it yesterday and dont plan on washing it till i think monday. havent noticed any dreading yet though what should I be expecting in the weeks to come so I know what to be looking for. Im going to try to use dr bronners first or is the bs/acv the best way to start . thanks

01/13/13 01:09:02AM @marisue:

awesome , cool you guys are great i live in a place where you can actually count on one hand the people that have dreads so asking anybody for advice or help is a BIG NO!! which is why im a little more excited because i will be different then anyone else as if Im not already but that reason and the fact that hopefully when i get further on down the road my hair will be alot healthier then it is right now probobly, im really anxious to the day when I wash it and hopefull for once in a very long time I wont have clumps of hair in my hand when im done

Castaway J
01/13/13 12:59:31AM @castaway-j:

you are doing great :) allow nature to take hold and then behold its beauty as it transforms.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
01/13/13 12:41:39AM @soaring-eagle:

seperation 1st it will section itself then start to knot and get wild id use the bs/acv since you dont touch it then

just let it be let it do what it does static frizziness is a step in the right direction

when u reach chaotic craziness your 1/2 way there

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