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Katrina Randall


Country: US


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Mini dreads

By Katrina Randall, 2011-06-13

So I had to cut this huge dread in half and it cut half the length off of both of them. They're smack dab in the middle of the back of my head and it looks retarded as hell now. Any stories like that that you guys have to make me feel better about my two mini dreads? :/

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What to put in my videos?

By Katrina Randall, 2011-01-23
I really like posting videos and seeing what you guys have to say. The problem is I have nothing to talk about so it usually ends up in a pointless rant. I was thinking maybe you could comment with questions or anything at all that I could add to my videos to spice them up a bit. I'd like to actually make my videos worth watching, haha :)
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Fresh twist & rip dreadie

By Katrina Randall, 2011-01-10

Since all my TnR dreads fell out, I decided to start fresh with one & let the rest do their own thing. If this dread doesn't fall out in a month, I'll just do most of the rest of my dreads like this again.

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I will be one month tomorrow and my hair just looks like bed head. I used TnR and they all fell out.. I wash with bs, acv, and sea salt AND sleep on wool. What am I doing wrong? I realize I'm being impatient but I'm seeing everyone else who has done TnR and they actually look like dreads after a month. I'm so discouraged when I see all those pictures..
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I'm sick and tired of it.

By Katrina Randall, 2010-12-23
My whole life I always had a best friend, a person I could go to, a person I hung out with almost every day, someone I could fart on and we'd hit each other and it would be okay :PI haven't had that for about a year now and it's finally getting to me. I've literally had to up the dosage of my antidepressants because I just don't hang out with anyone. And it's not even that I don't try because god knows I do.I just want to go back to that. Idk.
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So, my boyfriend just told me that a lot of people are telling him that my dreads look bad. Okay, first off.. LOL! They don't even have enough respect to say that stupid stuff to my face. Secondly, what the hell do you know about dreads? I have no desire to explain the process of dreads to them so I'll simply leave them with they're immense IGNORANCE. It just makes me laugh. At least I have enough confidence to wear dreads whilst in high school where all I get now are dirty looks. Keep 'em coming though. Gives me a good laugh throughout the day. <3

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