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"Dude, you know your GF's dreads look like SH!T, right?"

user image 2010-12-12
By: Katrina Randall
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So, my boyfriend just told me that a lot of people are telling him that my dreads look bad. Okay, first off.. LOL! They don't even have enough respect to say that stupid stuff to my face. Secondly, what the hell do you know about dreads? I have no desire to explain the process of dreads to them so I'll simply leave them with they're immense IGNORANCE. It just makes me laugh. At least I have enough confidence to wear dreads whilst in high school where all I get now are dirty looks. Keep 'em coming though. Gives me a good laugh throughout the day. <3

Patricia Fox
01/31/11 04:47:42PM @patricia-fox:
I get funny looks all the time! What is with people? Well we know we look good! Have a great day!

Amy Lanning
01/29/11 01:49:24AM @amy-lanning:
THANKS, this tickles me! :o )

Shanxon Lemasters
01/23/11 10:34:19AM @shanxon-lemasters:
i think they look amazing, and it sounds like some people are jealous that you are open enough to not be scared of "fads" and can be yourself!

Will Tee Washington
12/16/10 10:22:23AM @will-tee-washington:

Aye how u doin ms lady. Shout out to e'body with LOCS. They probably mad cause they too scared to grow em. People looked at me different. My reply was 'Only God can judge me!'

12/14/10 06:05:35AM @aaronthelegend:
I just went through your photos and I honestly see NOTHING wrong with your dreads. I think they are thinking your dreads are going to look like Lil' Wayne or something.

12/13/10 03:51:04PM @dreadlockedlady:

LMAO@ throwing shit...

Does your boyfriend say anything to these people? IF not, then you need to throw the deuces at that dude because that shows he doesn't have your back.

12/13/10 02:57:17PM @real-ting-dis:
Stay strong thruw it t'all...... Pay na mind ta what dem say!!!! Dread R Die...

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
12/13/10 02:50:38PM @soaring-eagle:

are u sure that your bf isnt just saying that cause he dont like em? they look amazing to me

maybe u need new freinds or a new bf

or maybe u need to throw some actual shit in theyre faces so they know what shit actualy looks like

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