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Hayley Turner


Location: York
Country: GB

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JellieBeanMumma FlowerFaerie


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Hayley Turner

Sleep Paralysis

I was just wondering if anyone has...
@Hayley Turner 8 years ago - Comments: 16
Hayley Turner


Has anyone ever taken this before? I...
@Hayley Turner 9 years ago - Comments: 15

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Me and the Mrs
Spliffs and cider in the park
Spliffs in the park...
Yeah, I'm not sure...
Puppy! =D
Patchwork dungarees?
Gig in a garage


new dreddie
08/17/10 02:45:13PM @new-dreddie:

12/14/09 12:58:04PM @paws4thort:
luv yr dreads, nice1, paws4thort

Mechanical Butterfly
11/23/09 10:58:05AM @mechanical-butterfly:
Why thank you!

11/03/09 07:56:10PM @gratefulnick:
I love your red dreads, there awesome.

11/02/09 06:08:54PM @melanie:
I love the colors of your dreads!! and u are very purty btw!!!

10/26/09 03:54:00AM @michele:
no problem:)

Lonnie Berg
10/22/09 07:08:59PM @lonnie-berg:
Thank you fot the friendship Kynd One, I am honored and look forward to getting to know you better.Much Luvn' Huugggzzzz, namaste'

10/22/09 09:49:33AM @tomasu:
thanks for the commentI'm amazed i have the paitence too...but to be honnest its the only logical way for me to go...i needed something life looking homeless for a few weeks is any price to pay for awesome knots. at the moment i'm hoping hair on the top of my head thickens out a bit...its had so much damage from festivals and concerts *hair brush RIIIIIP!!*

08/28/09 05:41:21AM @ianthe:
I'm doing good, How're You ? I Do live rather close to you, yeah ! I Live in Ripon, Near Harrogate.

08/17/09 02:26:59PM @xzanthia:


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