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Sleep Paralysis

Hayley Turner
01/03/10 11:33:44AM
I was just wondering if anyone has ever experienced this? When the brain wakes from REM sleep but bodily paralysis persists, its usually coupled with hallucinations. It seems to be a more common phenomenon than you would expect, I have spoken to a lot of people about it and encountered quite a few who have experienced it.It has happened to me twice before and it was pretty terrifying but also kinda invigorating. Once was a few days after I had taken MDMA, I don't know if this would have anything to do with it, but I was in bed with an ex and could see his room but couldn't move (I knew I could see it because I didn't know the room very well and woke up to see that I was seeing everything perfect in the room, and I dunno, I could just tell). I was convinced that the guy I was with started to shout at me and I was frightened. I managed to pull myself awake and he was just asleep next to me, I woke him up to ask what was happening convinced he had been shouting and he told me none of it happened.The second time I was in a hostel in Amsterdam so we had consumed inordinate amounts of weed before it, I could see the entire dorm (which had about 8 other people I didn't know in it, many of whom were moving about the room and were awake. I felt them watching me and suddenly became aware that I was touching myself in front of them, completely visible to them. I tried desperately to wake up because although I was conscious I could not control my body, After what seemed like hours of struggling to wake up I managed to find that I had not been touching myself at all. And the people walking by were not watching me. It was scary....I was wondering if chemicals altering my state of mind might have anything to do with it...
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