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dreadlocks shampoo
Hayley Turner
11/19/09 03:17:27AM
Has anyone ever taken this before? I tried some recently, I believe its a test chemical which is unregulated in the US but illegal in the UK and can be easily purchased over the internet.The effects are hallucinogenic and also I found quite similar to MDMA, only milder (heightened sensory perceptions, uplifting feelings, emotional bonding, generally finding most things pleasant). However I had no come-down or negative feelings toward the end of the night as I usually would with MDMA.I have never taken any hallucinogenics before so I wasn't sure what to expect, I felt that it was only slightly visual at times. I was at a house party and the kitchen was the room I found trippiest, the floor was a kind of red 'blue print' pattern and nothing in the kitchen matched in terms of genre or styles. I felt as though the room curved and swayed in random places nd the floor was bumpy and curved. All objects in the room were free floating (chairs, tables) and moved independently. However unless I focussed my attention on it nothing would appear visual at all. Colours seemed enhanced throughout most of the night.At one point in the living room I was staring at the thick pile carpet which had various cans and bottles on it and the floor appeared to be breathing, I had the same sensation a few times throughout the night once with an old victorian style chair.None of the visuals I experienced were too extreme though and could be easily ignored. I was staring for some time at a Fear and Lothing in Las Vegas poster which was moving of its own accord and getting brighter in places.I had a pretty good night, I took the stuff at 11pm and when I got home at 9am I was still tripping, I tried to sleep at 11am and noticed that my bedroom door appeared to be swaying. My house-mates came back from a Rave at about 3pm where they had taken some too, they told me that they had to leave because everything was too intense and went back to a friends house in Leeds, they enjoyed the after-party though. They thought that they had taken too much and that this stuff was stronger than the last stuff they had. I had taken around 24mg, the same as they had, so I was surprised to find that my experience was so mellow. But I imagine that is probably to do with the different kinds of situations we took it in.Has anyone else heard or tried it? I also had a few lines of methadrone that night, which I'm having a lot of trouble finding any information on. Has anyone heard of this? It is a white powder which you snort, giving you similar effects to coke, MDMA and speed apparently, I didn't feel much off it but everyone at the party seemed to be having a good time on it. Me and a friend bombed some 2CI and the rest of the people there were just on Methadrone, which again is a test chemical, it hasn't be classified in the UK yet, but is due to be in Jan.*edit* Apparently its spelt mephedrone, I have successfully found some info now.
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