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fermin Lujan


Location: Burlington, NC
Zipcode: 27217
Country: US


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Dread Journey day 9:D

By fermin Lujan, 2011-07-17

So i'm already at day nine.... it feels like a lifetime! Yesterday, i think, i went tubing. The kind of tubing where you gently float down a river for 2 1/2 hours. God it was so relaxing. Even though i was surrounded by small kids and other people, i got a few moments to look into the forest surrounding the river and the river wall thingies, and it was a wonderful experience. my hair got slightly wet, but it didn't seem to encourage or discourage dread knotting :D. Today i spent my day watching the new HP movie (which didn't make any sense, considering that was the first one i watched XD) and i watched my friend play a children's card game for four hours. but it was a good time and i learned a lot about accepting yourself and not caring if others accept you or not! Man, these are the days when i wish that i lived in a giant commune wear everyone shared my views and had dreads. Sounds like communism, i know, but it wouldn't be that bad. There would be less fighting, and everyone could make each other beads! Haha while i was writing this, i felt something uncomfortable behind my ear, and it was just hair that i backcombed over a week ago that had come loose and thenre-tightened! This is turning out to be a wonderful journey... and for those of you who are staying posted, i hope you enjoy the ride! that's it for now. also, if anyone lives in thePiedmontarea in North Carolina, please message me or something!


Bearchild :D

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Dread Journey day 6, i think XD

By fermin Lujan, 2011-07-14
Well its day six and a lot has changed. I finally finished the rest of my head and i removed the rubber bands from the dreads to prevent damage. in most areas, the knots are still pretty loose and the bangs have been undone for the last three days :(. My head itches like crazy and i must admit, i've been doing some root rubbing to kill the itch D: but hey i hope that they will tighten up in the future... Most of my family now tell me that the dreads look good on me and my girlfriend thinks they look good to so i suppose that they are working out! :D i have even inspired one of my friends to get dreads but i doubt he will go natural, or semi-natural like i did. Well it's been a good week so far and i hope that the next few will be great. Also, some pics will be going up soon :D
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Dread Journey day 1

By fermin Lujan, 2011-07-08
Just joined the site and at a great time as well. My lovely mother decided to help me with my dreads and we have done most of the back at this time. Most of my friends love that i'm going to start dreading, but my family thinks I am ruining my hair and my girlfriend finds me atrocious. But i figured that the best way to come out of a hate and anger filled life is to enjoy dreads and the journey that they contain. So while talking to my girlfriend, I asked how we can get even with me having dreads, but sadly she said we will never be even. I guess this is where our relationship will be tested and it's time to see if it's only skin deep. Quite depressing thoughts followed this conversation, but that's not something that Grateful Dead can't fix. XD god that was a double negative. Anyways i plan on posting tomorrow or in the next few days to catch you guys up with what's happening.Love,Bearchild:)
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