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Dread Journey day 1

user image 2011-07-08
By: fermin Lujan
Posted in:
Just joined the site and at a great time as well. My lovely mother decided to help me with my dreads and we have done most of the back at this time. Most of my friends love that i'm going to start dreading, but my family thinks I am ruining my hair and my girlfriend finds me atrocious. But i figured that the best way to come out of a hate and anger filled life is to enjoy dreads and the journey that they contain. So while talking to my girlfriend, I asked how we can get even with me having dreads, but sadly she said we will never be even. I guess this is where our relationship will be tested and it's time to see if it's only skin deep. Quite depressing thoughts followed this conversation, but that's not something that Grateful Dead can't fix. XD god that was a double negative. Anyways i plan on posting tomorrow or in the next few days to catch you guys up with what's happening.Love,Bearchild:)
07/16/11 07:50:51PM @exalthimx7:
Aw,thank you! And I agree, that man of mine would look super in dreads!

fermin Lujan
07/16/11 07:43:21PM @fermin-lujan:
Dang foot long hair without dreads is a waste in my opinion. You seem like an awesome mom too! Your son seems to have a great role model to look up to :)

07/14/11 05:01:13PM @exalthimx7:
What a good momma you must have'] I did my son's hair the other day at the pool (he said he likes people to play with his hair, soooo...hehehe) But it all came out in the wash. He's 9, but if he wants them I will redo. I'm an old married lady, but I think there's nothing hotter than a guy with long to convince my hubby...his hair is about a foot long but he says NO WAY ']

fermin Lujan
07/14/11 03:48:07PM @fermin-lujan:
Sorry it took so long to reply! I started them by backcombing, and tnr, put rubberbands in, but i took them out. its been six days so far and i have washed them once by dumping a water bottle full of sea water on em and again the next day with the Baking Soda Rinse. They are very loose and it doesnt bother me that much, since i'm gonna go all natural from here. i just need some advise on how to keep them tight and i have a few questions about washing

Flyin Star
07/08/11 01:41:59PM @flyin-star:
yea it upset me when he told me i couldnt have them... i just put some in anyways and it took him 2 weeks to notice and then he got mad! i really wanted it to work but he is controlling and he doesnt see it! there is alot more to it but it was just time to move on... he thinks im just giving up but i have been back with him 4 times now and nothing is getting better. it just came down to us accepting eachother the way we are or moving on and i choose to move on! lol to punching him in the face i would of been beatin if i did that to chris! glad Andy respects your choices thats all i wanted too was respect and he doesnt know how to give it but he was never treated right as a child but i will not use that as an excuss for him to treat me a certain way anymore. he is a grown man and can decide for himself how he wants to treat others!

Andrea Schneider
07/08/11 01:31:16PM @andrea-schneider:

meaghan, i didn't know you and Chris were getting a divorce. Sorry to here that.

My husband doesn't like dreads either. he thinks they are gross, but he loves me so he doesn't really care if i have them. If someone can't handle your choice of stylle then they don't deserve to be part of your life in my opinion.

Oh and if my Andy ever told me that i couldn't change my appearance because it would effect his job i'd punish him in the face! I don't need to look a certain way for his higher up's! that's bullshit

Flyin Star
07/08/11 01:02:45PM @flyin-star:

thats so sad that your girl thinks it will never be even! my soon to be ex husband didnt want me to have em.... he used the excuss of being in the army that it would look bad on him with a wife with dreads. i did some anyways and thats not what ended it but now i feel free cuz im not being told what i can and cannot mom was a little like why? you have such beautiful hair but she also told me she loves how i express myself and she knows that i will make them shine my personality! Like Soaring eagle said closed minds are a waste! hopefully she will open up to them and it will prob be a big test on what she can handle! Happy Journey! cant wait to see some pics <3

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
07/08/11 12:51:01PM @soaring-eagle:

welcome how r u starting them?

if she cant accept yopur dreads e have a new drady dating site so her loss your gain i guess

but i hope she will come around

closed minds are such a waste

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