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Dread Journey day 9:D

By: fermin Lujan
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So i'm already at day nine.... it feels like a lifetime! Yesterday, i think, i went tubing. The kind of tubing where you gently float down a river for 2 1/2 hours. God it was so relaxing. Even though i was surrounded by small kids and other people, i got a few moments to look into the forest surrounding the river and the river wall thingies, and it was a wonderful experience. my hair got slightly wet, but it didn't seem to encourage or discourage dread knotting :D. Today i spent my day watching the new HP movie (which didn't make any sense, considering that was the first one i watched XD) and i watched my friend play a children's card game for four hours. but it was a good time and i learned a lot about accepting yourself and not caring if others accept you or not! Man, these are the days when i wish that i lived in a giant commune wear everyone shared my views and had dreads. Sounds like communism, i know, but it wouldn't be that bad. There would be less fighting, and everyone could make each other beads! Haha while i was writing this, i felt something uncomfortable behind my ear, and it was just hair that i backcombed over a week ago that had come loose and thenre-tightened! This is turning out to be a wonderful journey... and for those of you who are staying posted, i hope you enjoy the ride! that's it for now. also, if anyone lives in thePiedmontarea in North Carolina, please message me or something!


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