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Dread Journey day 6, i think XD

user image 2011-07-14
By: fermin Lujan
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Well its day six and a lot has changed. I finally finished the rest of my head and i removed the rubber bands from the dreads to prevent damage. in most areas, the knots are still pretty loose and the bangs have been undone for the last three days :(. My head itches like crazy and i must admit, i've been doing some root rubbing to kill the itch D: but hey i hope that they will tighten up in the future... Most of my family now tell me that the dreads look good on me and my girlfriend thinks they look good to so i suppose that they are working out! :D i have even inspired one of my friends to get dreads but i doubt he will go natural, or semi-natural like i did. Well it's been a good week so far and i hope that the next few will be great. Also, some pics will be going up soon :D
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