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~~I Fell Victim to Dreadheadhq~~

Matt Simone
07/08/13 01:54:27AM
4 posts

I was an idiot and used the backcombing and palm rolling methods, whichpermanently damaged my hair.

After my first post on this forum,Barrellady along with soaringeagleboth strongly advised that I undo the backcombing (using conditioner) and use the neglect/free-form method. After undoing every single knot, my hair was one big frizzball of damaged hair. I then continued to brush the knots out and then lastly applied curly-hair conditioner to at least save the damage that has been done.I thank you both for this support.

Now that the knots are all out, I plan on starting the "Natural" method! As you can see, my hair looks short, but it's curly, so at it's longest it's about 6-7 inches. Wish me luck! Peace & love to all.

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Ojas Acharya
07/08/13 07:40:45AM
173 posts

Victim To Dreadheadhq? DREADLOCKSSITE To The Rescue..... LOL... cheers bro. enjoy the natural dreads journey. :)

Tara C
07/08/13 08:23:22AM
645 posts

That's a shame, but great that you found the site in time to start over again without undoing so much progress. Keep us updated on your journey :)

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
07/08/13 10:37:27AM
27,170 posts

welcome your hair will dread so easilt im not sure how you prevented it from dreading already

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the Barrellady
07/08/13 11:27:43AM
1,302 posts

Well, no luck needed, look at that curly hair. Before you know it, you will have dreads forming all over your head, happy healthy dreads. They won't be sticking up, won't be damaged, just awesome wicked dreadlocks. Good for you, enjoy your maintenance free journey (except for separating the sections). ...peace

Matt Simone
07/08/13 03:41:39PM
4 posts

Thank you very much for the support, as I begin this journey.. I'm glad I've found the best dread website on the internet, and some great mentors! :)

10/31/14 03:23:39PM
174 posts

Isn't Barrellady awesome? Good luck on your journey!

10/31/14 03:24:58PM
174 posts

That would make an AWESOME shirt!!

Ojas Acharya said:

Victim To Dreadheadhq? DREADLOCKSSITE To The Rescue..... LOL... cheers bro. enjoy the natural dreads journey. :)

Supa Dread
11/08/14 11:36:08AM
101 posts

Good luck brother! Stick to the neglect method! its the easiest, and certainly the most rewarding.

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