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7 years ago
155 posts

I like protesting and all, but I still don't see the picture, I understand they're are protesting because they feel wallstreet is taking their money. And alot of people are homeless, jobless, with no medical or with little food. But you ever stop to ask yourself, why? are these people like that. Is it the government is it self choice, or are they just blaming the system for their falure in life. It does kind of sound like these people just want to be handed money. They will not change anything, do to the fact that sadly our government doesn't care about any of us.

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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
7 years ago
28,409 posts

um your werong its not the failure thats the issue its the greed of the few

i mean who really needs 20 billion dollars they can never spend while they drive by in a limo ignoring the opoor and hungry shiverying sleeping on steam vents to avoid dying

if those ppl that had rediculouse ammounts of money made 1/2 of what they do now theysd still be rediculously rich, but every single person would have 20 times more

how can the poor not fail when the rich hog it all tio tghenmselves ..hording..

lets make this a lil more visal for ya

in a villiage where only 100 ppl live they produce plenty of food for all however they each do a job 1 watering 1 weeding 1 harvesting 1 planting etc now the guy planting gets 1 kernel of corn to feed his family the guy watering maybe gets 2 the guy harvesting decides hes most important and stockpiles a mountain of food the size of everest

ech persons working equaly hard to produce the food needed to survive but not getting eqyual shares and the 1 guys greed makes the entire villiage suffer

its the corporate greed that sucks all the money out of the system thats hurting us all

and the curruption

look at donald trump..extre,ely rich yet declared bankruptcy how often?

he got rich by running up debt then havung it erased

27 years growing dreadlocks the natural way
My dreads are over 9 feet long
7 years ago
336 posts

another good thing to do would be pray for the hearts of the few to be see the needs, to DO something, to rise above the "me first" cancer that has overtaken the capitalized world. I'm all for making it big, but what you do with your resources is what matters...

Brandy :]
7 years ago
106 posts

its allhappening! occupy Peoria started last saturday. oh the love! its so beautiful and im so glad its finally happening, lets all do our parts and stand up for what we believe in! we are the 99%!

7 years ago
140 posts

My sister actually lives in the area so she is constantly calling me with updates. I think this protest is a wonderful concept but it is a bit muddled. There is no direct plan and there is no real sign of leadership. It almost looks like a rainbow gathering in the city.

7 years ago
22 posts

The golden rule: He who has the gold makes all the rules.-Now is time to take that gold back. Its OUR gold. Its OUR WORLD. We are the 99%

They have the power, but we have the Right.

7 years ago
14 posts

it is no joke!!!! this isnt just about the 1% having all the money!! this is about the people fighting corporate america!! go down there and speak ur mind. it is ur right!!!!!!! this 1% has been paying $0.00 in taxes for the past 3 years. thats means that when the economy crashed in 2008 and u all started hearing stories in the news about people who were killing their families and offing themselves bc they lost their jobs and homes and well being, while these billionaires of which there are only approxiamtely 400 in this country were paying NO TAXES!!! they have all the money. what do the protestors want??? justice!! this is wrong!! my friends go down to wall street every chance they get. at some point the police (who r also getting screwed but r too afraid to lose their jobs and protest themselves) wont have enuff plastic bracelets. they wont have enuff mace. we r the 99%!! its important we exercise our freedom of speech! this goes beyond money. for example, r u able to go to ur food market and buy vegetables that arent loaded with pesticides?!?!!? this is a fight against BIG MONEY. this is a fight against the few controlling the many. this has been going on for over 30 days, and we should have a SERIOUS amount of respect for every person that goes down there every day, bc unless ur a billionaire too? they are speaking there voice on your behalf as well. true story.

7 years ago
14 posts

andi dont believe there is any 'praying for the hearts of the few' that will matter. these few, these people, the majority of them, r in possession of money that goes back generations. raised n bred by generations of people (rockefellers anyone?) who ingrain in their very beings nothing but the money driven power hungry motivation that led there grandfathers and those who came after to CREATE WARS for the purposes of gaining MORE money. MORE control. they wreak havoc on OTHER COUNTRIES!!!! what would make anyone think they're not wreaking havoc on us?!?! there is no end in sight for them. it is EXTREMELY important that this protest is happening now. everyone sits around connected to their cell phones and ipods, so content in their happy little worlds, SO DISCONNECTED FROM REALITY, while OUR WORLD IS BREAKING DOWN AROUND US. this protest should not stop until change is made. MAJOR change. my friends have been maced for standing on the sidewalk speaking their minds!! i hope this protest continues for as long as it takes. and i feel SO PROUD and SO GRATEFUL to every single person that takes the time to stand in the street and say WHATS WHAT. look on you tube. what u dont see in the news is the serious police brutality taking place during this protest. it is abominable. we should b horrified that this is what has become of our country. and that our country that people want to b proud of think nothing of devastating countries and peoples that corporate america deems expendable. it is absolutely SHAMEFUL. i am not proud to be an american right now :(

7 years ago
34 posts

the gold is gone. paper money is worth nothing. just wait till everyone starts to find that one out. it will really look like the end of the world.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
7 years ago
28,409 posts

capatalism is greeeddd why suport greedd not everyone is greeddy

hell in barter systems you more likely to be given more tgen you ask for in trade

greed is not normal to the human condition withoit an arbitrary value system that causes greed

when you state this item is worth this much worthless paper then you create a need for useless mass quantities that represent power power to own and controil

remove that arbitrary value and instead base value on need vs supply then you have a far fairer system with out ant=y greed at all

example if you have a room full of diamonds and are hund=gry a bucketload of diamonds for a sandwich is a fair trade you have no insentive tio stockpile massive quantities of any item because it has no more set value then any other

the capatalist system is flawsed and has failed

ppl will die as it collapses

because pp still believe in it and nknow no other way to function

capatalism is obsoluete..a failed experiment and an ed=vil one at that

why would anyone support a system based on greed?

on inequality? on curruption and control?

kenny said:

uhm..that would make it their money....they didnt nock you down in the street and steal your wallet...

see this is why i cant get on board with anything like this. because its all about money yeah i know all of you keep stating other things about control and unfairness n what have ya...but can you at least admit you are all just as greedy as every other human being on the planet?
Cheekychu said:

andi dont believe there is any 'praying for the hearts of the few' that will matter. these few, these people, the majority of them, r in possession of money that goes back generations. raised n bred by generations of people

27 years growing dreadlocks the natural way
My dreads are over 9 feet long
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