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Regarding tams..

7 years ago
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So what the hell is a tam exactly? That what i seen Damian Marley wearing in some pictures of him? And does it help encourage dread progress in any way? Part of the reasoni ask is because...

I work at a job that once-twice a week requires me to wear a sort of face shield with an attached headband. My hair isnt even 12 inches long and already my nappiness is giving the "helmet" a hard time fitting on my head. Even with it loosened all the way, and it will only get worse as my hair gets longer. So...would a tam be a good idea to wear undernearth the helmet? I would put on a dew rag but at this length it compresses the baby locs real bad andmakes my hair look like a field of mushrooms are growing underneath thats a no-go.

Preciate ya feedback folks.

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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
7 years ago
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bigger helmets availible?

27 years growing dreadlocks the natural way
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7 years ago
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yes it can " help encourage dread progress" if it is made out of wool. The wool rubs against your hair and causes knotting :)

I have been wearing my tam all most all week because it is so cold! I found a baby dread this morning on the crown of my head!

Hans Criteanu
7 years ago
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My job is similar in that I sometimes have to wear a helmet/hardhat. I think you're looking for something very thin to keep your hair out of your way. A bandana works pretty well for this, but I prefer a product called the Buff. The merino wool ones are especially comfy :)

7 years ago
235 posts
Thanks for the replies all, i will take them into consideration!
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