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Location: Matthews, NC
Zipcode: 28105
Country: US


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zoubairi  hassan zebra
03/13/11 06:57:01AM @zoubairi-hassan-zebra:

hope things are well pardon silence

zoubairi  hassan zebra
12/27/10 05:15:56AM @zoubairi-hassan-zebra:
forgine me brothers for tis silence cause is clear, happy new year,and long life for you and for your movement

07/29/10 10:56:23PM @atom:
thats sweet timing.. hope mine come along that quickly.. u goin the natural way rite? how long till u started seein action?

07/24/10 10:20:05PM @atom:
I like ur driving pic. :) how old were those dreads?

hippie mama
07/18/10 08:24:06AM @hippie-mama:
hey thanks for the comment. yeah we love dreads and tattos, piercings , gauged ears, you know the finer things in life. but i see you klnow exactly what im saying

zoubairi  hassan zebra
07/15/10 10:00:03AM @zoubairi-hassan-zebra:
thanks for being my friend

Amazing Grace
06/18/10 08:21:28PM @amazing-grace:
yay!! a gift for you!!!

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
06/18/10 12:26:13AM @soaring-eagle:
yea everyone here is thats why this place is so special

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
06/17/10 11:41:46PM @soaring-eagle:
awesome was it grace?

Amazing Grace
06/17/10 11:16:22PM @amazing-grace:
I didnt know that u actually used the wax. I thought you just told me that you were going to. I would of looked into the wax recovery more for you. But your here now!

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