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dreadlocks shampoo
Amazing Grace

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after some healing
Seconds after removal
6 stitches from glass door
Back view
oh yeah
off-side view
Walkin on the trail
oh yeah


Evil Empire
04/07/11 08:58:47PM @evil-empire:
thanks! i'm gonna be moving to these apartments called wimbledon chase about a mile from the target and all that stuff

Evil Empire
03/10/11 09:46:24AM @evil-empire:
you live in wilmington right? i'm moving there soon and idk where to buy tams/dr. bronners there

Jake Holland
09/01/10 08:47:14AM @jake-holland:
Im on now :)

Jake Holland
08/27/10 06:40:30AM @jake-holland:
Dear Grace, you fail at being on in the chat when I pop in now. Miss our chats :)

Jennifer Rose
08/24/10 04:10:59PM @jennifer-rose:
Hey there, i saw your message about mold/mildew. My partner (Amy Lou on here) and I are actually working on a dread rot/mold solution - we're also the ones who are working on the de-waxing soap - and we're actually looking for people to test it on. Email us at and we can hook ya up - we really don't want you to lose those GORGEOUS locks!!!

Good Energy
08/24/10 10:52:25AM @good-energy:
Thank you so much for joining my group!!!

08/18/10 05:27:58AM @shawn2:
gosh, sorry it took so long to reply but no i dont know those brothers and sisters, it must be another shawn.anyways hows life going?shalom!namaste

08/12/10 11:35:54PM @zeefighter:
I donno. I've heard more who swear by it than anything. I suppose it really depends. Some peoples hair seems to slow with the most minor of tampering, some can do whatever the hell they please and it's just fine lol. Also, some people smother their hair with products and it kinda stunts the hairs knotting growth.Is your hair dry?And thank you. :)

08/12/10 11:03:39PM @zeefighter:
Hey siSTAR,I don't know about helping it dread, but I'd say it helps moisturize my hair without loosening it too much.My hair is typically very frizzy and dry. I used to use oils, but seeing as I have my baby dreads, I don't want anything loosiening my hair too much. Aloe is great for that I think. It keeps my hair shiny and soft, without separating the knots. :)

Evil Empire
08/10/10 09:50:05PM @evil-empire:
whoa allison and chris! yeah i know them! pretty well actually, and i know their parents karen and terry

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