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What's Utah like?

user image 2013-06-06
By: DreadfulAmenita
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Just found out that my husband, pomeranian and I are being sent to Salt Lake City, Utah for 4 months on his next job assignment. I've wanted to visit Utah for some of the scenery I've only seen in pictures. I was wondering if anyone is from there or has visited. What were your impressions? What are some things we have to do or see there? And what are the people like in general... how do they respond to dreads?

06/12/13 09:58:29PM @taby:

Just got here today. It is really beautiful here. And so far the people seem like some of the nicest I've met in the US. I'm looking forward to being here and exploring while we're here for 4 months.

the Barrellady
06/07/13 10:05:27PM @the-barrellady:

Glad you found the posting by Erin Carr on SLC. I was just going to link it for you and saw you found it. I only passed through at the airport and it has beautiful scenery.....peace

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